Ron Shulem (Associate)

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    Region: California
    "Euphoria S2"2020  Streaming - HBO
    "The Affair"2019  Streaming - Showtime
    "Broke"2019  CBS Television - CBS Network
    "So Close"2018  NBC Television - NBC Network
    "Now Apocalpyse"2018  Streaming - Starz Entertainment
    "Lady Dynamite" Season 22017  TV Series - Netflix
    "Here and Now"2017  TV Series - HBO
    "Making History"2016  TV Series - 20th Century Fox
    "Truth Be Told"2015  TV - Universal Television
    "Mr. Robinson"2015  TV - Universal Television
    "The McCarthy's"2014/15  TV - Sony Television
    How I Met Your Mother2007/08 Season  Television - 20th Century Fox Telelvision
    It's All Relative2003  Television Sitcom - Paramount Pictures
    13 Going On 302003  Feature Film - Revolution Films
    "National Security"2003  Feature - Columbia Pictures
    "Greetings From Tucson"2003  Sitcom - WB
    "The Ellen Show"2002  Sitcom - CBS