95th Academy Awards

March 12th, 2023 by Karen Burg

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The 95th Academy Awards honoring the films of 2022

Congrats to all of the Nominees for their outstanding work, and for the Academy's recognition and honor thereof!

The Academy Awards are considered filmmaking’s highest honor, held in recognition of the art of immersive storytelling...from visual to sound...which brings stories to life with such depth that an audience can vicariously experience those moments as if they were their own. 

Filmmaking is collaboration at its core. Production Designers and Set Decorators working with their teams, collaborate with Cinematographers, Costume Designers and their crews to establish not only the settings, the time and place, but also give background and backstory, visual clues to the characters and to the story. The sound teams enhance the journey, while editors make certain the story flows. It’s a world of collaboration to create the world of a film...a world that transports an audience beyond theirs.

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The ACADEMY AWARD FOR ACHIEVEMENT IN PRODUCTION DESIGN is presented each year to the Production Designer and Set Decorator of the nominated films.

Congratulations to Set Decorator Ernestine Hipper SDSA & Production Designer Christian Goldbeck, Oscar recipients for ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT! 

And additional Congrats to all of the 95th Academy Awards nominees!

Set Decorator Ernestine Hipper SDSA 

Production Designer Christian M. Goldbeck

Set Decorator Vanessa Cole
Production Designers Dylan Cole & Ben Procter  

Set Decorator Anthony Carlino SDSA

Production Designer Florencia Martin

Set Decorator Bev Dunn SDSA
Production Designers Catherine Martin & Karen Murphy  

Set Decorator Karen O'Hara SDSA

Production Designer Rick Carter