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November 11th, 2020

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Set Decorators have purchasing and decision-making power. is the only website dedicated to the art of Set Decoration within the film and television industry.

Please contact us in any of the following manners:

FYC and General Advertising:
Jeff Victor
Mobile phone: 310-241-3166

SDSA Business Member Marketing
JoAnn Vara
Mobile phone: 1-917-742-7777

7100 Tujunga Ave., Suite #A
North Hollywood, CA 91605
Gene Cane, Executive Director

Tel: 818.255.2425
email administration:

The SDSA is a 501-c6 Not for Profit Corporation. To support these ventures, we rely on membership dues, donations from Corporate Sponsors, magazine and website advertising revenues, activity fees, and grants from those concerned with small business development and educational support. The SDSA is separate and apart from any labor union and the organization does not represent Set Decorators in negotiations regarding wages or working conditions, leaving this function to our local unions, including IATSE Local 44 in Los Angeles and Local 52 in New York.

Members of the SDSA enjoy up to 50% discount on all marketing opportunities including eblasts, newsletters (The Buzz), Directories and more-Membership Applications linked below:


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