June 9th, 2022 by Andrew Baseman SDSA

Main Photo
Harmony Cobel [Patricia Arquette], fanatical devotee of Lumon founder Kier Eagan. Note the disembodied head she hand-crafted. Image courtesy of Apple ©2022.

Set Decorator Andrew Baseman SDSA

Production Designer Jeremy Hindle


Set Decorator Andrew Baseman SDSA reveals more details of Harmony Cobel's secret life!

We assume that, since you are here at “...more Severance!”, you know the background of bifurcated memories, and the characters that surround. One of the most intriguing being Harmony Cobel,  manager at the malevolent biotech Lumon  Industries,  who assumes a different persona as Mark Scout’s  neighbor Mrs. Selvig,  amongst others. Her house is nondescript from the street, anyone looking even closely through any window would find only the ordinary. Cobel’s  secrets lie downstairs, in her rudimentary sanctum dedicated to Lumon  founder Kier Eagan.

Set Decorator Andrew Baseman SDSA takes us through a photo album-like tour...
And he reveals even deeper behind-the-scenes details of Lumon,  and the planned musem now  Perpetuity Wing,  as well as the company-owned town & inhabitants of Kier  in the fabulous video conversation above with his friend Regina Graves SDSA, another Set Decorator extraordinaire! Do not miss this video!

Photo 3
Harmony Cobel [Patricia Arquette], fanatical devotee of Lumon founder Kier Eagan at her Kier Shrine. Photo by Atsushi Nishijima, courtesy of Apple ©2022.

The Kier Shrine and sanctum
Standing in the middle of Cobel’s Basement  is a small wood storage shed from Home Depot, converted into a candlelit shine to Kier.

Photo 4
Kier Shrine. Photo by Atsushi Nishijima, courtesy of Apple ©2022.

The shrine is filled with miniature heads of the “Four Tempers”;  vials of Kier’s  blood and nail clippings; dolls made from wood clothespins in the images of Kier,  Cobel’s  mother  and Cobel  as a little girl; school photos, awards and trophies; antique advertisements for Lumon  medicinal products; and her mother’s coiled hospital breathing tube.

Photo 5
Kier Shrine, top shelf. Photo by Atsushi Nishijima, courtesy of Apple ©2022.

 Anchoring the bottom half of the shrine is a cardboard replica of Kier’s House,  along with school certificates, more Lumon  adverts, varying jars, and the as yet unexplained but often present goat. The clothespin dolls move from shelf to shelf, as do the framed tintypes. This closeup shows the first layers, before they have arrived. [See the full shot to discover more.]

Photo 6
Kier Shrine, lower half. Image courtesy of Apple ©2022.

Over her metal hospital bed is a framed needlepoint of the Lumon Principals  and on the bed are rag dolls of Cobel  and Kier.

Photo 7
Sanctum sampler: The 9 Lumon Prinicpals. Image courtesy of Apple ©2022.

Photo 8
Kier and Cobel. Image courtesy of Apple ©2022.

Next to the bed is an antique washstand with a white porcelain bowl and pitcher set. Cobel's  childhood school shoes are on a tiny wooden stool nearby.

Photo 9
Cobel bedroom sanctum. Image courtesy of Apple ©2022.

Surrounding a small mirror on a shelf are antique tintype photos of Kier,  which we assume she stole from the Lumon Archives.  Much of the details are unseen by the viewer but are essential in helping to create the dual character of Cobel,  as portrayed so stunningly by Patricia Arquette.

Photo 10
Cobel in her sanctum. Patricia Arquette. Photo by Atsushi Nishijima, courtesy of Apple ©2022.

Hidden from camera is a workbench, sewing machine, and craft area where Cobel  makes miniatures.

Photo 11
The hidden crafts workshop. Image courtesy of Apple ©2022.

Editor's note: For so very much more, watch the video above!

Set Decorator Andrew Baseman SDSA would like to acknowledge his stalwart crew...
"I’d like to thank the crew for their superb work in helping to create the unique look of Severance, especially my amazing set dec team of Ace Huggins, Roxanne Kratt, Rachel Barker, Sharon White, Elizabeth Eggert-Atzberger, Sheila Bock, Leo Ramirez, and Mallory Gabbard."

And for a delightful distraction from the everyday...

Photo 12
Past Imperfect: The Art of Inventive Repair is a well-known blog by Set Decorator Andrew Baseman SDSA about creative repair of objects, from ancient times through current. Pictured here, a detail from a Madhatter's Tea Party scene for the series GOTHAM incorporating some of the Baseman collection.