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Aircraft/aviation set designer, builder, and prop house in Los Angles studio zone

Boeing 737 Main Cabin Standing Set

Details: 40 ft. fuselage section, color corrected LED pre-lit interior, 8 rows, 44 seats total, 2 crew jump seats, easy seating removal/reconfiguration, and lavatory

Executive Jet Standing Set

Details: 54 ft. fuselage mounted on trailer, hydraulic boarding stair at main entry door, fully lit cockpit instrument panel, color corrected LED pre-lit interior, 4 single swivel reclining seats, 2 and 3 person side facing sofas, 2 pilot cockpit layout, 2 crew jump seats, easy seating removal/reconfiguration, galley, executive lavatory, and rear cargo loading door

Props and Parts:

Cockpit/Flight Deck:
Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Airbus, Pilot and Co-Pilot Seats, Flight Engineer Seats, Gages, Yokes, Throttles, Avionics, Oxygen Masks, and Microphones

Aircraft Cabin Interior Components:
Sidewall Panels, Window Reveal Shade Assemblies, Overhead Bins, Passenger Service Units (PSUs), Ceiling Panels, Bulkheads, Galleys, Lavatories, Exit Signs, First Class Seats, Business Class Lie Flat Seats, Economy/Coach Class Seats, Flight Attendant Jump Seats, Executive/Corporate Jet Seats, Vintage Airline Passenger Seats, Seatbelts, Life Jackets, Flash-O-Lights, Public Address Phones, Oxygen Masks, Galley Carts, Food Trays, Beverage Drawers Coffee Makers, Coffee Pots, and Light Fixtures

Vintage Airline Seats:
American First Class Single Seat, Braniff International Boeing 747 Upper Deck Seats, British Airways First Class Seats, Delta Airlines First Class Seats, Delta Red/Orange Triple Coach Seats, Eastern Airlines First Class Seats, Gulf Air Business Class Seats, Japan Airlines 737-400 First Class Seats, TWA (Trans World Airlines) First Class Seats, TWA (Trans World Airlines) Floral Double & Checker Coach, TWA (Trans World Airlines) Floral Green & Yellow Coach Double, TWA (Trans World Airlines) Floral Orange & Green Double Coach Seats, TWA (Trans World Airlines) Floral Single First Class Seat, TWA (Trans World Airlines) Floral Triple Coach Seats, TWA (Trans World Airlines) L1011 Lounge Sweating & Table, TWA (Trans World Airlines) Orange and Purple Double Coach, United First Class Seats, and Southwest Airlines Evolve Seats

Fuselages and Exteriors:
Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Airbus, Window Belt Sections, Boarding Doors, Emergency Over Wing Exit Doors, Engine Cowlings, Wings, Tails (Horizontal and Vertical Stabilizers), Whole Fuselages, Wheels, Tires, Exterior Light Fixtures, Light Lenses, and Antennas

X-Ray Machines and Metal Detectors

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