EP. 144 Pt. 2 Behind the Design: The Art of Storytelling

    Convo By Design - December 18th, 2017

    "I love the holidays! More time to spend with family and friends, tinker a bit in the studio and engage in the guilty pleasure of binge watching a lengthy list of tv shows and movies. You might feel the same, and while it is rare for me to binge watch, the holidays are the perfect time to do it. You are probably wondering why I’m telling you this. Well, it’s because after so many years working with set decorators, I can’t watch anything anymore without wondering who decorated the set? Which prop house did they get THAT sofa from or how would that lamp look in my living room. With that said, I thought this would be a great time to share a conversation from the WestEdge Design Fair this past November featuring set decorators and SDSA members Jason Howard, Jan Pascale, and Ann Shea, Ken Sharp VP of Modern Props, and Beverly Hadley Director of the Art Department at Universal Studios. The conversation was directed by Emmy Magazine’s Juan Morales." PodCast Produced by Josh Cooperman of Convo By Design