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     Los Angeles, CA
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    Product Placement agency since 1997. Eclipse represents cutting edge, innovative brands - many from technology, and always brands that are standout in their category. We enjoy offering the best, and making it worth your while to come to us instead of renting or purchasing.

    Current product categories:
    Electric vehicles, smart home devices, biohacking products, videogaming products, strategy games, board games, card games, vaporizers, streaming devices, web browser, headphones, headsets, microphones, wi fi speakers, chairs, monitors, supplements, coffee, beverage, books, drones, point of sale, food delivery app.

    Electric vehicles include:
    Hoverboard, electric bike, electric skateboard, skateboard, electric surfboard, scooter.

    Smart home devices include:
    Smart thermostat, smart doorbell, smart home security system, smart smoke detector, smart vacuum, smart streaming player.

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    Note: Tradeshow booth materials, retail point of sale displays, taxi tops, signage, and banners also available.

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