Hollywood Piano Company

contact: Glenn Treibitz

 Burbank, CA
323 South Front Street
Burbank, CA 91502
United States
818 840 6895

Since 1928 the Hollywood Piano Company has been the place of choice for all piano rental needs. Over the years seen our pianos on the sets of motion pictures, television shows, and commericals. From Shirley Jones in the Music Man, to Judy Garland in Meet Me in St Louis, to the piano in Lucy & Ricky.s Connecticut home, to Archie and Edith.s living room to .Just Jack. on Will & Grace, to the pianos in the lives of the Desperate Housewives, they all came from the Hollywood Piano Rental Company. For over 79 years prided ourselves in providing the most extraordinary customer service by solving problems. Our pianos have appeared on the greatest stages of Los Angeles, accompanied the hottest shows, appeared nightly in the best restaurants, sat in on soundtrack recording sessions and are fixtures at many of the grandest hotels. We specialize in doing the impossible. Our pianos have been craned onto hillsides, put on trains, hit by trains, set up on the beach, on the cliffs, on tops of buildings, blown up and oh yeah, danced on by horses, yes, that piano in the picture with Laurel and Hardy and all of the other pianos in the picutres, came from us too.