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    IATSE Political Department, 2020 Primary Updates

    IATSE - Monday, March 23rd, 12:30 pm


    Sisters, Brothers, Kin—

    As you may know, in an attempt to ease the spread of COVID-19 many states are taking action to postpone State and Presidential Primaries. In order to help you navigate the election changes in various states, we are making ongoing updates to the 2020 Election State Planners with revised primary dates and other important deadlines.

    To date, updates have been made to Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, and Ohio. Updates are being finalized for Alaska, Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Rhode Island, and Wyoming. Puerto Rico has also postponed its primary from March 29 to April 26.

    Recognizing that the spread of the Coronavirus is an ongoing health crisis we encourage you to monitor election updates, and take advantage of your state’s absentee voting and vote-by-mail options. For more information on these policies please contact your Local Election Office.

    In solidarity,

    IATSE Political Department

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