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 Laura Richarz

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Region: California
Deadly Games1980  feature - Great Plains Entertainment
Mama Malone1982  television - Columbia
The Young and The Restless1982  television pilot - Columbia
Sutter's Bay1984  television pilot - Alan Landsberg
Three's Company1981-84  television - NRW/TTC
Three's A Crowd1984-85  television - NRW/Bergman
Under One Roof1984-85  television pilot - Mort Lachman
The New Love American Style1985-86  television pilot - ABC/Paramount
Married With Children1986  television pilot - Embassy
What A Country1986-87  television - Viacom
Nothing In Common1987  television - Tristar
Alf's Special Christmas1987  television - Alien Productions
Buzz Orbit1987  television pilot - Disney Channel
The Jim Nabors Show1987  television pilot - Burt & Bert Productions
Past Imperfect1988  Television pilot - Castle Rock
Heart and Soul1988  television pilot - Castle Rock
Webster1987-88  Televsion - Paramount
His and Hers1989  Televison - Paramount
Seinfeld1989  television pilot - Castle Rock
The Marshall Chronicles1989  television pilot - Viacom
Dear John1989  television - Paramount
Life In Desire1990  television pilot - Paramount
Wings1990  Television Pilot - Paramount
Single Women, Married Men1989  Television Movie - CBS Entertainment
Down Home1991  television pilot - Paramount
Clippers1992  television pilot - Paramount
Flesh N' Blood1992  television - Paramount
Bob!1992  Television - Paramount
Star Patrol2000  Television Pilot - Fox Television
Cheers1987-1993  TV - Paramount
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine1993-99  TV - Paramount
Second Time Around2004  television pilot - Paramount
The Parkers1999-2004  Pilot & TV Series - Big Ticket TV
Reno 911!2004  television - Hilarious Productions
Six Feet Under2005  television - HBO
Just Legal2005  television - Warner Brothers
Everybody Hates Chris2005-20071  television - CBS Entertainment
True Blood2009-2010  Television - HBO
Melissa and Joey2010-2011  Television - ProdCo
Jessie2011-20153  Television - It's A Laugh
Bunk'd20151  Television - It's A Laugh
The Sophisticated Gents1979  television movie - Daniel Wilson Productions

Emmy Nominations (6)Star Trek: Deep Space Nine True Blood The New Love American Style