• High Wheelers getting around Marketplace in style!
  • Universal Studios sponsored Book Sale
  • Olde Good Things had stunning iron work available for sale or rent.
  • Where's Jeff? Lost in the Crowd-in-a-box display!
  • African arts from Gallery Asha on display.
  • Events are done right with Chameleon Chair, Girari, and Sandy Rose...
  • Nathan "dives" into his Hand Prop Room Booth!
  • Ann Shea proudly mimics Vanna White in her custom designed booth with Architectural Digest Magazine.
  • Leslie Rollins and Ken Haber grin (in corrected light mind you!) from their successful seminars on the digital age we live in...sponsored by Sandy Rose
  • Laura Richarz shamelessly plugs the Red Carpet Gala event, as well as putting on a very successful Marketplace...you go girl!
  • Shelly from Mannequin Gallery hides behind a bunch of "people".
  • Art Directors are getting younger and younger...
  • Product Placement is also a part of a Set Decorators daily decisions..cheers to a successful Marketplace!

Once again, the annual SDSA Marketplace showcasing business members who support our Industry was a huge success. Well over 1000 people attended and visited the booths on what turned out to be a gorgeous Saturday afternoon at Universal Studios.

We thank you all for your support of the Set Decorators Society of America...

The following businesses sponsored, as well as had beautiful booths:
(If you missed this event, please be sure to check out their websites linked below or click on "decorator resources" on the left side and view their business listing for more information on what they do).

All Photos taken and donated by Ken Hunter, Set Decor Magazine.
(Ann, Leslie & Ken, and Laura photos were taken by Beth Wooke, SDSA)

Angel Appliances
Architectural Digest
Art Dimensions
Artists Rights Society
Astek Wallcovering Inc.
At Home In The Valley
Badia Design
Barker Décor Services
Barnaby Rudge Booksellers
Chameleon Chairs
Cinema Paper Rentals& Graphics
Covert Cocktail
Creative Handbook
Crowd In a Box
Dazian Fabics
Designer Portfolio
Dr Christmas
Eclipse Worldwide
Film Art LA
Gallery Asha
Hand Prop Room
High Wheelers
Hollywood Parts
Hollywood Piano Co.
Hollywood Studio Gallery
Insurance West Corp
International Promotions
Judy Sell
LA Party Rents
Linoleum City
Lisa Dare Photography
Location Managers
Major Medical
Mannequin Gallery
Menzie International
Modern Props
Motion Picture & Television Fund
Olde Good Things
Pinacoteca Picture Props
Red Carpet Gala (see ad on left side!)
Rogers & Cowan
Roman Deco
Sky Flowers
Sony Pictures Property
Square Deal Plumbing
Alpha Companies
The Floor Club
The Woven Company
TLC Creative Special Effects
Vaudeville Mannequins
Westcoast Sign Supply

Soft Drinks: Slushee
Water Stations: Linoleum City
Water Stations: Fantasy Lighting
Fortune Teller 1: RC Vintage
Fortune Teller 2: Art Pic 2000
Kid’s Area: Lennie Marvin
Children’s Bounce Houses: Green Sets
Coffee Carts: Warner Brothers
Food 1: EC Props
Food 2: Local 44
Food 3: Modern Props
Food 4: ISS
Restrooms: Hollywood Studio Gallery
Books for Sale: Universal
Lounge Area: 20th century
Seminar: Sandy Rose
Bake Sale: Architectural Digest
$1000 Donation to Silent auction items: Hand Prop Room

Raffle Prizes:
Donated by OMEGA Cinema Props
40”Sony HD Television
Donated by Playback Technologies
Sony Blu-Ray DVD Player
Donated by Playback Technologies
iPhone (another one!)
Donated by OMEGA Cinema Props
Video iPod
Donated by Hollywood Studio Gallery
iPod electronic accessory
Donated by RC Vintage
Beverly Hills Hotel Spa Treatment
Donated by Insurance West

Tickets courtesy of