Mary Ann Biddle

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    Professional Organization / Union Affiliation
    ADG and Local 44

    Region: California
    Almost Summer1977  Feature film - Universal/ NBC
    Airport Concorde '791979  Feature Film - Universal Studios
    The Big Fix1977  Feature Film - Universal Studios
    Brave New World1977  Television Mini Series - Universal Studios
    Somewhere in Time1981  Feature film - Universal/ NBC
    Ghost Story1982  Feature Film - Universal Studios
    All the Right Moves1983  Feature Film - 20th Century Fox
    Walk Like a Man1986  Feature Film - Sony Pictures
    Gotcha 1985  Feature Film - Universal Studios
    Magnum P.I.1986-1989  Television Series - NBC Universal
    Thirtysomething1989-1990  Television Series - ABC
    Equal Justice1990  1 Hour episodic - Orion Productions
    Ciivil Wars1991-1992  1 Hour episodic - Bochco Media
    N.Y.P.D. Blue1993-1995  1 Hour Episodic - Bochco Media
    Public Morals1996  Television Multi Camera - Bocho Media
    Murder One1995-1997  1 Hour Episodic - Bochco Media
    Brooklyn South1998-1999  1 Hour Episodic - Bochco Media
    Philly2002  1 Hour episodic - Bochco Media
    Girls Club2003  1 Hour episodic - David E. Kelley Productions
    Las Vegas2004  1 Hour episodic - NBC Universal
    NYPD 20692005  Television Pilot - Bocho Media
    Blind Justice2005  1 Hour Episodic - Bochco Media
    Off the Map2010- 2011  Television series - ABC - Disney Productions
    902102010 8 episodes  Television series - CW
    Boston Legal2005-2009  1 hour episodic - David E. Kelley Productions
    Scandal2012  Television series - Shondra Rhimes
    Hawaii Five 02014 - 4 Episodes  Television Series - CBS Productions
    Happily Divorced2013  Television Series - TV Land
    Godzilla 20142013  Feature film - Legendary Pictures
    Godzilla (Hawaii)2014  Feature film - Warner Bros.
    One Terrific Guy1985  Movie of the Week - CBS Productions
    Hitchcock Presents1985  Television Series - Universal Studios
    Still the Beaver1984  Pilot - Universal Studios
    Four Seasons1982  Television Series - Universal Studios
    Another Woman's Child1982  Movie of the Week - CBS Productions
    Phillip Marlow's Stories1981  Television MOW - BBC/HBO
    Domestic Life1981  Television Series - Universal Studios
    Semi Tough1980  Television Series - Universal Studios
    M.A.D.D.1980  Movie of the Week - Universal Studios
    Dark Room1980  Movie of the Week - Universal Studios
    Golden Gate1979  Movie of the Week - Warner Bros.
    Rosetti & Ryan1976  Television Series - Universal Studios
    McMillian1976  Television Series - Universal Studios
    Welcome Back Kotter1975  Television Series - ABC/James Komac Prod
    Sirota's Court1975  Television Series - Universal Studios
    Mr. T & Tina1975  Television Series - ABC/James Komac Prod
    Days of Our Lives1975  

    Emmy1996Murder One
    Emmy Nomination1995N.Y.P.D. Blue
    One Terrific Guy1985Movie of the Week
    Emmy Nomination1977Brave New World
    Emmy Nomination1976Mr. T& Tina
    Emmy Nomination1976 Sirota's Court
    Production Designers' Award of Excellence1998Brooklyn South
    Emmy1994N.Y.P.D. Blue
    Emmy Nominations (2)1989-90Thirtysomething