Master Class hosted by Omega Cinema Props

February 24th, 2018

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Attendees of the Day with the Set Decorator held at Omega Cinema Props!

On February 24, the SDSA International held a Day with the Set Decorator Master Class hosted by Omega Cinema Props. Joined by Set Decorators Rand Sagars, Cynthia McCormac, William DeBiasio, Hernan Camacho, David Smith and Buyer Lorraine Genovese, students were able to break up into small groups with a Set Decorator and shop the prop house based on their assigned shows. Their guide allowed each student to interpret their scripts and character based on their characters time period, income level, how many lived in the space, and what their color scheme is. By learning how to properly shop the prop house by department, photograph and measure their chosen set dressing, and add layers thru smalls and textile, the students quickly learned the scope of what it takes to layer a space and realize characters to their fullest. 

Afterwards, each group printed out their photos, found inspiration and mood references thru magazine tear pages, added texture such as rug samples and fabrics, each group mounted their projects onto poster boards. When all the boards were complete, each group presented their work in front of the other students, discussing their environments and reasons for their choices to bring to life their characters thru presentation boards. 
What fantastic projects! If this is the future in Set Decorators, what great breakthrough talent! 
Thank you Omega Cinema Props for allowing the students to have access to your prop house and tackle the world of set dressing. 

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