Morgue Prop Rentals

    contact: Vidal Herrera

     Los Angeles, CA
    5134 Valley Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90032
    United States

    We are proud to offer a full service autopsy-morgue laboratory that supports the special needs of the film industry as seen in film, television, commercials, photography and themed scenic applications. Set decorators welcome.

    Authentic fully dressed autopsy/morgue
    Refrigerators, cabinets, freezers & body crypts
    Autopsy tables, dissecting instruments & X-ray viewers
    Microscopes, body bags, gurneys & photographic equipment
    Embalming tables/machines & embalming instruments
    Forensic (CSI) technical advisor, crime scene, autopsy, mortuary & script
    Great selection of modern & period equpment a "must see"
    Located near the 10 east & 710 north freeways - easy access

    Member Since: 2003