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SDSA Awards - Television 2020

June 11th, 2021

The first ever SDSA Awards celebrating the work of Set Decorators and their colleagues for Best Achievement in Television!

Eligibility Rules and Regulations (Click here)

SDSA Awards - 2020 and on!

SDSA Awards - Film & Television 2020 is the first ever SDSA Awards celebrating the work of Set Decorators and their colleagues for Best Achievement! The impact of this unprecedented focus on the craft of Set Decoration is historic. 

Awards Origins

In the SDSA’s earliest founding guidelines, the intent was to recognize excellence in the work of Set Decorators for their contributions in Film and Television. The shutdown of virtually all production due to the Covid-19 virus allowed the SDSA Board of Directors the opportunity to explore expanding the in-house SDSA Awards program to include the merit/achievement awards first envisioned.

Creation and Expansion Plans

First Step: Celebrate achievements in Film, in conjunction with the Awards season, and in essence with the Academy Awards season. The launch of the SDSA Awards - Film and subsequent announcements in February and March of 2021 have been an unprecedented success.

Next Step: Celebrate achievements in Television & Streaming, to coincide with the Emmy season.

Live Event: Presentation of the annual Earl Cooperman SDSA Lifetime Achievement Award and SDSA Chair awards when an in-person event can once again be held.


The SDSA Awards - Film and the eventual SDSA Awards - Television will enable the organization to increase the visibility of all Set Decorators, whether SDSA members or not. The decision was made early on to open these Awards to all Productions, conforming to the pattern set by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In order for a film to qualify in Décor/Design categories, there must be a credited Set Decorator, but it is not a requirement that that Set Decorator be an SDSA member.

We look forward to the future and celebrate all who have contributed to the art, craft and profession of Set Decoration throughout the years.

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