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For the past three decades, Strickland’s Set Services has been fulfilling requests just like these — asap — for set decorators all over the country. We have to locations to serve you. One in Wilmington North Carolina and the other in Georgia. We can ship nation wide and international.

You’ve just finished meeting with the Production Designer and Director, and you need…
1960’s era pastel green Venetian blinds with vinyl tapes for a school classroom

A roller shade that looks like it’s been hanging in a Main Street gas station for 20 years or
Retro blue and mauve vertical blinds for your early 80’s set
…and, you need it in less than a week!

Here are some of projects we’ve worked on in the past:
2” aluminum blinds for a PTA meeting
Mini blinds for an FBI room
Motorized blinds for an executive office
Roller shades for a tugboat wheelhouse
Wooden blinds for a diner
Silhouette shades for a bedroom
2″ aluminum blinds for a police station
Vertical blinds for a hospital
Roller shades for a bedroom
Roller shades for a school
Woven wood shades for a child’s bedroom
Cellular shades for a bedroom
Double roller shades for a kitchen
Retro macrame vertical blinds for a living room
Mini-blinds for a bathroom
Roman shades for a living room
Screen shades for a bullpen
2″ wood blinds for a school
2″ aluminum blinds for a law office
Cellular shades for a camper
Plantation shutters for a front door
Wood blinds for a back door
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