• Becca Meis & Jenny Alex
  • Ed Briggs; Set Decorator, Law & Order
  • Edie Schecter & Karin Weisel
  • Errol (American Foliage) & Alex Mazur
  • Errol from American Foliage & Judy gurr
  • Scott & Andy (City Knickerbocker)
  • Shane & Kara Zeigon
  • Sue Rainey & Alex Mazur
  • Susan Kaufman, Stephanie & Paul Cheponis
  • David Smith & George DeTitta
  • Nora Czarda & Crissy Mayer
  • George DeTitta & daughter, Lauren
  • Suri Beiher (Eclectic Encore) & son, Jack

In December the East Coast Chapter had another of their famously fabulous Christmas parties. It was sponsored by American Foliage and the SDSA and was held at "Il Bastaro". Here are a few remembrances of the festivities...

Thank you to Harriet Zucker for providing all the photos!