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    The SDSA has UPGRADED the Membership Directory for our Set Decorator and Associate Members!

    SDSA - Sunday, June 28th, 3:45 pm



    The SDSA has UPGRADED the Membership Directory for our
    Set Decorator and Associate Members!


    The SDSA Website Committee has made our personal pages more user-friendly! Now you can upload your resume and set photos MUCH more easily, and post more images. While we anticipate going back to work soon, take a moment to update your membership profile, and share your beautiful projects. 


    To get started: 
    Navigate to the site at setdecorators.org
    Locate the menu (top left), find “Membership.”


    Take a moment to check out the newly updated listings under “FILM DECOR” and “TELEVISION DECOR.” Check that your current projects are accurate.
    If not, please send an email to 


    Go to your personal listing page.
    If you have previously uploaded photos, you will immediately see
    a change to the way we view your images.
    If not, check out other members pages 

    (names with a tiny camera icon have uploaded photos).


    Feeling inspired?
    Update your page with credits and images of your sets.
    We have created a simpler “drag and drop” photo file
    but you have to LOG IN.


    If you don’t remember your log-in information, just click on
    “forgot your username or password” to be reminded.

    Here’s what the menu looks like, and where to log in:


    Next: Find your own listing again (if you are not already redirected).
    Click on the green “EDIT PROFILE.”


    Edit/update your Contact Information, Contact Preferences (public or not), Credits, Awards, Personal Website URL (if available), and upload your current Resume (pdf). 


    List your recent Credits or relevant projects. 

    After you’ve updated your Credits, upload images (.jpg preferred)
    to each project by selecting the green arrow 
    next to that credit.

    Upload into the blue rectangle with an arrow: either Drag-Drop or Click-Select up to 10 images for
     each project. You can load images singly or in groups. Have them ready to find on your desktop or in your photo folders on your smartphone.


    Write descriptions for your photos and decide the order flow for each
    project gallery by numbering them (optional).


    Have fun and enjoy your new personalized gallery! 

    Share it with potential employers or anyone who wants to see
    your body of work in one 
    convenient place.


    If you have suggestions, please do send them to 

    We look forward to hearing from you,
    and can assist you if you have any questions! 


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