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    Who’s Opening Up So Far – Prop House List

    Debbies Book - Tuesday, September 8th

    PLease Check with The Prop Houses Protocol and hours before you plan your visit. As their procedures may change quickly navigating this COVID world.

    Latest Edit: 08/18/20 @ 11:13 am PST

    Are there productions starting out there? Word through the grapevine is an optimistically hopeful, “Kind of, maybe!” That combined with many businesses receiving their SBA loans/grants to get their doors open again, it makes sense to put together a fluid list of who may be open at the moment.

    As always this list isn’t written in stone. What may be true one hour may not be another. Let us know if we missed someone, or if changes have occurred that perhaps we aren’t aware of yet.

    This is where some would probably place a generic comment about uncertain times and being in this together. Honestly just be kind to each other. There is a booming film industry at the end of this.

    Prop House Name Open, By Appt, Phone, Web, Email, TBA
    A-1 Medical Integration Open by Appt
    Advanced Liquidators Open @ Magnolia Location
    Aero Mock-Ups By Appt, Phone, Email
    AIR Designs Open 10a-4p
    Air Hollywood Open
    Alley Cats Studio Rentals Open 8:30a-4p
    Alpha Companies Phone
    Angelus Medical & Optical Open, Phone, Email
    Artery Props By Appt, Email
    Athletic Room Email
    Auditorium, The By Appt, Email
    Bridge Furniture & Props By Appt, Phone, Email
    Dapper Cadaver Open
    EC Prop Rentals Open
    Faux Library Studio Props Open, Phone, Email
    Floral Design by Daves Flowers Open
    FormDecor Open
    Green Set Phone, Email 7a-3:30p
    Hand Prop Room Open, 8a-5p
    History for Hire Open, Phone, Email
    Hollywood Cinema Arts M & F By Appt, Open T-Th 9a-3p
    Hollywood Studio Gallery Open, Phone, Email
    Independent Studio Services Open, Phone
    Jackson Shrub Supply M-Th 7a-3p
    LCW Props Open 8a-5p, Sat by Appt
    Lennie Marvin’s Prop Heaven Open, 8a-5p
    Little Bohemia Rentals Open, Phone, Email
    Lux Lounge EFR Open
    Modernica Props M-F 8a-4:30p By Appt
    NEST Studio Rentals By Appt
    Ob-jects Open M-F 8a-5p
    Omega/Cinema Props Open, Email, Phone
    Picture Start Props Email
    Premiere Props Phone, Open 8a-3p
    Prop Services West Open 8a-5p
    RC Vintage Open
    Sandy Rose Floral Open
    Sony Prop House (Off Lot) TBA
    Surface Library, The By Appt, M-F 9a-5p
    Target Props LLC Open 8a-3p
    U-Frame It Gallery Open
    Universal Studios Property Open 7a-4p
    Warner Bros Property TBA

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