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Set Decorator, In Treatment (1/2 hour series - episodes 37-42), HBO (Prod. Designer: Suzuki Ingerslev).

Set Decorator, Veronica Mars (1 hour episodic - episodes 2-22), UPN (Prod. Designer: Alfred Sole).

Set Decorator, Strong Medicine (1 hour episodic - episodes 313-318), Lifetime (Prod. Designer: Erin Cochran).

Set Decorator, I Hate My 30s  (1/2 hour series), VH1 (Production Designer: Cecil Gentry).

Set Decorator, South of Nowhere (1/2 hour series), Noggin/”N” Channel (Production Designer: Chris Davis).

Set Decorator, Campus Ladies (1/2 hour series), Oxygen (Production Designer: Macie Vener).

Set Decorator, The Unsuccessful Thug (pilot), HBO (Production Designer: Dina Lipton).

Set Decorator, The Contender 2 (reality), ESPN/Mark Burnett Prods. (Production Designer: Narbeh Nazarian).

Set Decorator, Black/White  (reality), Actual Reality/FX Channel, (Production Manager: Alexandra Reed).

Set Decorator, The Eavesdropper (m.o.w.), Lifetime/Gemstar Productions (Production Designer: Warren Young).

Set Decorator, Wild Hearts (m.o.w.), LLP/Hallmark (Prod. Designer: Yuda Acco, Art Director: Nathan Ogilvie).

Set Decorator, Home for Christmas (m.o.w.), LLP/Hallmark (Designer: Yuda Acco, Art Director: Nathan Oglivie).

Set Decorator, The Long Shot (m.o.w.), LLP /Hallmark  (Designer: Yuda Acco, Art Director: Nathan Oglivie).

Set Decorator, Carol Christmas (m.o.w.), LLP/Hallmark  (Production Designer: Yuda Acco).

Set Decorator, Millennium Man (m.o.w.), Larson Entertainment/Paramount  (Production Designer: John Zachary).

Set Decorator, What Should You Do, 44 Blue/Lifetime (Production Manager: Alexandra Reed).

Set Decorator, Commitments (m.o.w.), BET/PM Entertainment (Production Designer: Warren Young).

Set Decorator, Arrest and Trial, Studios USA (UPM: Ellen Raphael).

Set Decorator, Unsolved Mysteries, Cosgrove (UPM: Alexandra Reed).

Set Decorator, A Question of Citizenship, LAUSD/PBS (Director/Producer: Hugo Pedroza).

Assistant Set Decorator, Strong Medicine (1 hour episodic), Lifetime, (Set Decorator: Linda Allen).

Assistant Set Decorator, El y Ella (talk show), Telemundo Network, (Set Decorator: Alejandro Riviera).

Shopper/Buyer, Watching Ellie (1/2 hour sitcom), NBC (Set Decorator: Linda Allen).

Shopper/Buyer, Brady Bunch - Final Days (m.o.w.), Fox/Rocket Science (Set Decorator: Suzan Katcher).



Set Decorator, Hair Show, Ventura Distribution (Production Designer: Leon King).

Set Decorator, Red Roses and Petrol, Rock ‘N Read Productions (Production Designer: Julieann Getman).

Set Decorator, Whipped (additional photography), Destination Films (Production Designer: John Zachary).

Art Director, Jacked, KH Krews Productions (Production Designer: John de Cuir).

Lead Person, Drowning Mona, Jersey Films (Production Designer: Richard Toyon, Set Decorator: Karen Agresti).

Lead Person, Ring of Fire, Orchid Prods. (Production Designer: Peter Jameison, Set Decorator: Karen Agresti).

Shopper/Buyer, Ali, Columbia Pictures (Set Decorator: Jim Erickson).

Shopper/Buyer, The Big Bang (additional photography), 2001 Productions (Production Designer: John Zachary).



Dramalogue Award - Best Set Design for Flyin’ West.

NAACP Certificate of Achievement in Set Design.


Local 44 - Set Decoration

Set Decorators Society of America



MFA in Scenic Design, Department of Theatre, University of California, San Diego, 1996.