• BMF/Black Mafia Family(Pilot & Season 1) - The 1982 Flanory living room retained the late 70's vibe with gold vertical blinds from American Screen & Window.
  • BMF/Black Mafia Family(Pilot & Season 1) - In 1982, the Flanory patriarch, Charles, is a music aficionado with a talent for the slide guitar that the actor learned for the opening sequence.
  • BMF/Black Mafia Family(Pilot & Season 1) - Paralegal 'Monique' played here by Kash Doll in her 1980's home.
  • BMF/Black Mafia Family(Pilot & Season 1) - Monique's 1982 living room set reflects her penchant for modern living on a paralegal's salary.
  • BMF/Black Mafia Family(Pilot & Season 1) - This 1980's Detroit Police bullpen featured electric typewriters, dot-matrix, microfiche, and tons of paperwork.
  • BMF/Black Mafia Family(Pilot & Season 1) - A complete reproduction of a 1982 Lord & Taylor dressing room built on location.
  • BMF/Black Mafia Family(Pilot & Season 1) - A mall's old electronics store gets converted into a Foot Locker retailer so popular in 1980.
  • BMF/Black Mafia Family(Pilot & Season 1) - I channeled tv's 'The Huxtables' for the home of Lori's parent's, in suburban Detroit.
  • BMF/Black Mafia Family(Pilot & Season 1) - Our finished Barbershop inspired showrunner Randy Huggins to write extra scenes and showcase the set.
  • BMF/Black Mafia Family(Pilot & Season 1) - Our Director of Photography was always generous and complimented our sets with a nice wide shot.
  • American Horror Story/1984 - Lavinia(Lily Rabe) works the camp's 1948 Snack Shack built at the Franklin Canyon Park. Thank you History for Hire, RC Vintage and LCW.
  • American Horror Story/1984 - The 100th episode spoofs 'Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous'. Margaret's(Leslie Grossman) set is inspired by Debbie Gibson's house.
  • American Horror Story/1984 - Nurse Rita, aka Donna Chambers(Angelica Ross) discovers her father's double life in 1979 Lincoln Heights. Thanks RC Vintage.
  • American Horror Story/1984 - All appliances, counters and kitchen gadgetry came thanks to buyers Elizabeth Gary & Armen Khechoumian
  • American Horror Story/1984 - You knew something evil was gonna happen in this 1972 version of Camp Slasher.
  • American Horror Story/1984 - This pretty-in-pink apartment of Brooke(Emma Roberts), salmon pink & seafoam green help counter the yellow walls.
  • American Horror Story/1984 - Serial killer Richard Ramirez's 1960's South Texas home guided the color pallet. I even included a green shag rug.
  • American Horror Story/1984 - The entrance to the Foyer in the 100th Episode.
  • American Horror Story/1984 - The haunted Lanterman Asylum in Pomona CA, was transformed into a 1960's South Texas Boot Factory.
  • American Horror Story/1984 - We dressed the first scene for Season9 as the Perfect-10 Fitness Club filmed at the Van Nuys YMCA.
  • Lethal Weapon Season 3 - This 2002 Syrian Internet Cafe is actually on Universal's Backlot. Extras walk under Camphors converted into Date Palms.
  • Lethal Weapon Season 3 - The Pacific Dining Car was inspiration for this restaurant's dramatic transformation from the 1990's Syrian Internet Cafe.
  • Lethal Weapon Season 3 - At Warner Ranch, this space was changed into an 80's Slovakian apartment. His photo-journalist mother used the kitchen sink as her darkroom.
  • Lethal Weapon Season 3 - Wesley Cole(Seann William Scott) is in a deserted cabin shootout, filmed on the Warner Brother's backlot.
  • Lethal Weapon Season 3 - This Freezer Prison for Damon Wayans & Seann William Scott even felt cold. Faux meat came from HPR.
  • Lethal Weapon Season 3 - Wesley Cole crashes through the front door of this house at Universal's Hancock Street.
  • Lethal Weapon Season 3 - I sourced this functioning vault door with its clean lines that focused attention on the action.
  • Lethal Weapon Season 3 - Complete with urinals, sinks, toilets, stalls and plumbing, we destroyed it all for two days in the finale of Lethal Weapon S3.
  • Lethal Weapon Season 3 - A serial killer's torture room features a barber's chair, a jar of teeth, phony ID's, circular blades, and a map.
  • Lethal Weapon Season 3 - A full scale Salvadoran kitchen with walk-in freezer, prep station, storage room & office was built at Warner Brothers.
  • 1600 Penn(Pilot & Season 1) - Fox Studios had the JFK drapery for this NBC comedy starring Josh Gad and Bill Pullman.
  • 1600 Penn(Pilot & Season 1) - The East Wing Reading Room has a Georgian writing desk, settee, Empire arm chairs, and sconces from WB.
  • 1600 Penn(Pilot & Season 1) - The East Wing chandeliers came from Omega, and the cinnabar curio hutch from Universal Property.
  • 1600 Penn(Pilot & Season 1) - This spacious and camera friendly kitchen features chandeliers from the Warner Brothers Collection's.
  • 1600 Penn(Pilot & Season 1) - Omega provided the Resolute Desk and Empire striped chairs. The gold damask sofas were reupholstered at Universal.
  • 1600 Penn(Pilot & Season 1) - This 12 foot long colonial and inlaid dining table along with matching Chippendale chairs were found at Omega.
  • 1600 Penn(Pilot & Season 1) - The East Wing kitchen nook came curtousy of the Warner Brothers Collections.
  • 1600 Penn(Pilot & Season 1) - This East Wing family room features French provincial furniture from Ob-jects and doubled as a living space for a visiting Prime Minister.
  • 1600 Penn(Pilot & Season 1) - The First Daughter's bedroom shows a rebellious streak despite the lavender tones mixed with Pine, Oak, and Maple.
  • 1600 Penn(Pilot & Season 1) - The Presidential en suite featured a walk-in shower, porcelan tub, and a porthole for camera behind the vanity mirror.
  • Over 400 Commercials - AppleTV featured Michael B Jordan and the late Kobe Bryant. Kobi marveled at the precision when we rearranged a shot for camera.
  • Over 400 Commercials - A Thai Market filled with fresh produce, live doves, chickens, goats and an elephant transformed this backlot for Chase Bank.
  • Over 400 Commercials - Nancy Meyers directed this international commercial for Avon Cosmetics. Church & State in DTLA was inspiration.
  • Over 400 Commercials - Long Beach is where this launching platform doubled for Ground Control on an energy drink commercial back in 2014
  • Over 400 Commercials - Honda garnered praise from fans for their Super Bowl Ad with Matthew Broderick reprising his role as Ferris Bueller.
  • Over 400 Commercials - The ad agency requested we model this Encino sandwich shop off a popular New York deli called Russ&Daughters in this commercial for AT&T.
  • Over 400 Commercials - Ashton Kutcher starred in this Nikom Commercial filmed at the Milk museum in Hollywood. Silver chain curtains by Dazian.
  • Over 400 Commercials - This is not Moby Dick, but a McDonald's commercial for their Filet'0'Fish sandwich.
  • Over 400 Commercials - The walls of this Captain's Quarters are covered with his obsession for fresh fish in this commercial for McDonald's
  • Over 400 Commercials - Snoop Dog and his family starred in this white-on-white living room set for an Overstock.com Commercial. The drapes were custom built.
  • Lexus Commercial - This Lexus Commercial had a lot of moving parts.
  • Lexus Commercial - Love it when the final result mirrors the Production Designer Jeffrey Higinbotham's original intent.
  • Lexus Commercial - Does a stylish Lexus deserve a parking space in the living room?
  • Lexus Commercial - A Factory Concept for Lexus
  • Lexus Commercial - Car painting never looked so good.
  • Lexus Commercial - An audiophile's sound system measures this Lexus' premium interior acoustics.
  • Amazon Holiday Commercial - The Holidays start in July for Amazon
  • Amazon Holiday Commercial - The Holiday parties have begun!
  • Amazon Holiday Commercial - Amazon's international campaign starts with a visit to the Dentist's office.
  • Amazon Holiday Commercial - Grandma welcomes the kids for Christmas.
  • Amazon Holiday Commercial - Neutral colors are the palette.
  • Amazon Holiday Commercial - Cozy Scandinavian design for this Amazon spot.
  • The Affair Season 3 - Nan's(Amy Irving) Living Room was Director Jessica Yu's favorite.
  • The Affair Season 3 - Editing all warmth from this Hollywood Hills living room Sierra's(Emily Browning) has no florals, pillows or soft goods.
  • The Affair Season 3 - Helen sits in a large green mohair sofa while incense, brass lamps, and tranquil sculptures help relax her.
  • The Affair Season 3 - Glamping reaches new heights with this Michelin inspired dining tent.
  • The Affair Season 3 - The El Cholo Restaurant gets a festive makeover in this version of Helen's(Maura Tierney) recollection.
  • The Affair Season 3 - Deep tones contrast pale walls & window treatments reflecting conflict in this scene.
  • The Affair Season 3 - Noah(Dominic West) visits this over-the-top Science Fair at his son's elite private academy. Thanks to LCW, ISS, and HPR for displays & dioramas.
  • The Affair Season 3 - Helen's Bedroom overlook's Los Angeles. Maura Tierney raved about the set during talent interviews.
  • The Affair Season 3 - A New England Chippendale grandfather clock mixes well with the California furniture.
  • The Affair Season 3 - Nan's(Amy Irving) Dining Room, has a view of Moro Bay. Inside, each piece of art tells a story of her travels.
  • LA's Finest(Pilot) - A Long Beach gym got transformed into this neighborhood bodega. Thanks to Lennie Marvin's.
  • LA's Finest(Pilot) - The downtown LA skyline was reason enough to eliminate any window treatments in Syd's living room and spacious loft apartment.
  • LA's Finest(Pilot) - A modern kitchen and island separates the dining area from Syd's spacious bedroom.
  • LA's Finest(Pilot) - A chop shop in an East LA barrio where EC Props & Alley Cats were a treasure trove for yard dressing.
  • LA's Finest(Pilot) - Syd's father is a former cop himself, and lives in an apartment in the San Fernando Valley.
  • LA's Finest(Pilot) - Two matching aquarium shaped spaces are the Captain's Office and the Conference Room flanking a massive bullpen
  • LA's Finest(Pilot) - This LAPD bullpen was built in a gutted Baldwin Hills office park thanks to Advanced Liquidators. The lighting grid was sourced by LED Supply.
  • LA's Finest(Pilot) - A tall dresser stores games, puzzles, school supplies, and throw blankets for movie night. Thanks to Ob-jects and Nest.
  • LA's Finest(Pilot) - Nancy McKenna's(Jessica Alba) Living Room set mixes traditional pieces with bold colors.
  • LA's Finest(Pilot) - An alley reveals a suspicious fire. Black cork gets littered along a wet-down.
  • Insecure Season 2 - The green club chairs were paired them with a Le Cobusier daybed. I added the international art including etchings and prints.
  • Insecure Season 2 - The Therapist's Office had to a worldly and traveled design with red Italian greeter's chairs, and Afghan rugs.
  • Insecure Season 2 - The commissary on the Sony lot becomes a fashionable outdoor restaurant & bar.
  • Insecure Season 2 - Lawrence's internet start-up offices had fresh patterns, like this striped sofa inspired by Paul Smith.
  • Insecure Season 2 - A Civil War soap opera ran parallel to Insecure's second season with the help of fellow SDSA member, Missy Parker.
  • Insecure Season 2 - Though we often suffered from 'direction by committee', great sets still prevailed.
  • Insecure Season 2 - You know you fooled the pros when so many Long Beach joggers and runners thought they'd missed their beloved annual Marathon.
  • Insecure Season 2 - Lawrence's(Jay Ellis) internet start-up has bold colors & ergonomics. Thanks Scandiavian Designs and Advanced Liquidators.
  • Insecure Season 2 - Buyer Amina Dieye helped find this leather sofa for Danial's Apartment when Issa Rae couch surfed at the end of Season 2
  • Insecure Season 2 - This traditional office with custom-built desk was paired with dressing from Spellman, Ob-jects, Advanced & WB.
  • Snowfall(Pilot & Season 1) - The Dining Room ceiling lamp inspired the colors in the house, here with Franklin(Damson Idris) & Uncle Jerome(Amin Joseph).
  • Snowfall(Pilot & Season 1) - In Jarome's living room, Director John Singleton encouraged us to push the design envelope.
  • Snowfall(Pilot & Season 1) - Filmed in a gutted space in South Los Angeles transforms into the1968 Oakland Chapter of the Black Panther Party.
  • Snowfall(Pilot & Season 1) - This 60's Oakland Chapter of the Black Panther Party included red Naugahyde seating, a playpen for children, and ashtrays.
  • Snowfall(Pilot & Season 1) - This street scene on Snowfall shows 1980's Los Angeles with period-correct bus benches, parking meters, payphones, & news racks.
  • Snowfall(Pilot & Season 1) - Claudia's(Judith Scott) hidden Speakeasy is a mix of 70's/80's furniture and the transitioning Disco & Hip-Hop scenes.
  • Snowfall(Pilot & Season 1) - Detective Teddy McDonald's(Carter Hudson) Van Nuys apartment reflects his sad loneliness in the San Fernando Valley.
  • Snowfall(Pilot & Season 1) - Red spells danger in the office of this wealthy ranch owner and drug lord at his Hacienda in Mexico
  • Snowfall(Pilot & Season 1) - This 70's-80's motel room location had nothing prior to filming.
  • Snowfall(Pilot & Season 1) - Cocaine gets mixed at the WB backlot, complete with mosquito nets, a cocaine press & barreled chemicals.
  • The Brink(3 Episodes) - Pilots Zeke(Pablo Schreiber) and Glenn(Eric Ladin) prepare for a raid while in their locker room.
  • Straight Outta Compton - This image pretty much captures Shane Valentino's vision for Straight Outta Compton.
  • Straight Outta Compton - The real Dr.Dre was adamant about equipment like Sony microphones, and Cerwin-Vega speakers.
  • Straight Outta Compton - Jimmy Iovine(Mark Sherman) from Interscope Records comes to meet with Dre and Eazy. Equipment came from Coast Recording.
  • Straight Outta Compton - Dr. Dre had an analog mixing board called the SSL, a 1980's state-of-the-art audio console valued at over $750,000. Dre was transfixed.
  • Straight Outta Compton - Here, Director of Photography, Matty Libatique(A Star Is Born) deserves the Oscar nod for his inventive and audacious camera moves.
  • Straight Outta Compton - The Audio Booths were lined with authentic sound buffering panels courtesy of Coast Recording.
  • Straight Outta Compton - Here the director, F. Gary Grey discusses scenes with actors Jason Mitchell(Easy E), O'Shea Jackson Jr(Ice Cube), and Corey Hawkins(Dr. Dre).
  • Straight Outta Compton - Interpreting his father's music, O'Shea Jackson Jr channels Ice Cube, and leads the band into a memorable rendition of 'Straight Outta Compton'.
  • Straight Outta Compton - In NWA's first concert, dumpsters & trash cans came from Alley Cats, truss from Premier Lighting, and the DJ coffins from Coast Rec.
  • Thor 2: The Dark World(LA Unit) - 'One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest' was my inspiration for this patients' waiting room.
  • Thor 2: The Dark World(LA Unit) - Prof Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard) appears in a university lecture hall for a Physics Class, explaining his views on the time & space continuum.
  • Thor 2: The Dark World(LA Unit) - Disappointed with his class' lack of interest, the professor resolves himself to residing in a mental health facility. We dressed the set as a dead match to the European hospital.
  • All Hail the King(LA Unit) - Sir Ben Kingsley plays the Mandarin in this Marvel film shot at the Sheriff's Station in City Terrace, just south of Cal State LA.
  • All Hail the King(LA Unit) - The Prison Cafeteria was converted with appliances from Air Designs and EC Props.
  • All Hail the King(LA Unit) - A subtle nod to Mandarin for his private cell.
  • All Hail the King(LA Unit) - The Mandarin(Ben Kingsley) gets an Inside Edition-styled interview.
  • La Brea(LA-Unit/Pilot) - LCW, Universal, Alpha Medical, Alley Cats props returned after Covid.
  • La Brea(LA-Unit/Pilot) - FEMA, Geology, First Aid, Media, Seismology, Federal and Municipal Tents form a mini-city just outside the La Brea Tar Pits.
  • La Brea(LA-Unit/Pilot) - The media is standing by for official word for the Mayor, Police and Fire Chiefs.
  • Kate(LA-Unit) - Shot at the Raleigh Stages, our Los Angeles unit duplicated a modern Thai business set in Japan.
  • Kate(LA-Unit) - Built for Destruction: Stunt desks were fabricated and rushed to us thanks to Eric at Advanced Liquidators.
  • Kate(LA-Unit) - We then destroyed it!
  • Marvel's Black Widow Promo - Hans Wagner chairs and a mid-century walnut table from Modernica, helped create a warm kitchen environment.
  • Marvel's Black Widow Promo - The East-Euro mini-appliances came from RC Vintage.
  • Marvel's Black Widow Promo - The Black Widow movie was meant as inspiration, not duplication.
  • Seinfeld/Comedy Central - Jerry Seinfeld was delayed by Hurricane Ida before reaching the Sony studios for this job.
  • Seinfeld/Comedy Central
  • Seinfeld/Comedy Central - Glad to contribute to the Seinfeld show at the Sony Museum
  • Mostly Ghostly - Phears(Charlie Hewson) prevents us from having a good night's sleep. Iron gates came from Universal.
  • Mostly Ghostly - Poltergeists are hampering Max's(Ryan Ochoa) chance to impress Cammy(Bella Thorne).
  • Mostly Ghostly - In Max's(Ryan Ochoa) bedroom, I gave a nod to Ferris Bueller with a Union Jack in the background.
  • Mostly Ghostly - In Joan Rivers' last movie appearance before her untimely death, she plays Max's grandmother.
  • Hurwitz Creative Offices - The facade of the studio warehouse was inspired by the exterior of the California Endowment Headquarters in Los Angeles.
  • Hurwitz Creative Offices - The Producer's Bullpen allows for interaction in an open air environment, with natural lighting.
  • Hurwitz Creative Offices - The Patio, with its water feature from Encino's Garden Temple, offers a tranquil retreat from work in the edit bays.
  • Hurwitz Creative Offices - The Conference Room/Procuct Stage just off the kitchen, sports an expandable table enough for 16.
  • Hurwitz Creative Offices - This bright and functional Kitchen has a magnetic quality, especially when baking chocolate chip cookies.

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