• THE ONLY LIVING BOY IN NEW YORK | Set Decorator Ellen Christiansen SDSA
    Callum Turner, Kate Beckingsale. Photo by Nico Tavernise ©2017 Roadside Attractions/Amazon. All Ri
    Sd Theonlylbiny
  • DISJOINTED | Set Decorator Peter Gurski SDSA
    Kathy Bates, Aaron Moten. Photo ©2017 Netflix. All rights reserved.
    Sd Disjointed
  • TULIP FEVER | Set Decorator Rebecca Alleway SDSA
    Alicia Vikander. Photo by Alex Bailey ©2014/2017. All rights reserved.
    Sd Tulipfever 1
  • AMERICAN ASSASSIN | Set Decorators Naomi Moore SDSA, Letizia Santucci SDSA [Italy]
    Shiva Negar, Michael Keaton, Neg Adamson, Dylan O'Brien. Photo by Christian Black ©2017 CBS Films/
    Sd Americanassassin
  • MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS | Set Decorator Rebecca Alleway SDSA
    Michelle Pfeiffer, Johnny Depp. Photo by Nicola Dove ©2017 20th Century Fox. All rights reserved.
    Sd Murder Otoe
  • MOLLY'S GAME | Set Decorators Sandy Reynolds Wasco SDSA, Patricia Larman SDSA
    Jessica Chastain, Chris O'Dowd. Photo by Michael Gibson ©2017 STX Films. All rights reserved.
    Sd Mollysgame 2
  • THE CIRCLE | Set Decorator Rosemary Brandenburg SDSA
    Emma Watson, Patton Oswalt, Tom Hanks. Screen image ©2017 IM Global/Europa. All rights reserved.
    Sd The Circle
  • MASTER CHEF JUNIOR | Set Decorator Heidi Miller SDSA
    Gordon Ramsey. Photo ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Company. All rights reserved.
    Sd Masterchefjr 1
  • LOGAN LUCKY | Set Decorator Barbara Munch Cameron SDSA
    Adam Driver, Channing Tatum. ©2017 Bleecker Street. All rights reserved.
    Sd Loganlucky
  • DARKEST HOUR | Set Decorator Katie Spencer SDSA
    Lily James, Gary Oldman. Photo by Jack English ©2017 Focus Features. All Rights Reserved.
    Sd Darkesthour
  • BLADE RUNNER 2049 | Set Decorator Alessandra Querzola SDSA
    Ryan Gosling. ©2017 Alcon/Warner Bros.Entertainment. All rights reserved.
    Sd Bladerunner
  • THE BEGUILED | Set Decorator Amy Silver SDSA
    Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell. Photo by Ben Rothstein ©2017 Focus Features. All Rights Reserved.
    Sd The Beguiled 1

Production Designer Ra Vincent SDSA and Set Decorator Nora Sopková SDSA’s artistic rendering of this risky heartfelt tale about tolerance, hate, and, most importantly, love...
Congratulations to all of the nominees for the 2020 Academy Award for Production Design, especially Set Decorator Regina Graves SDSA with PD Bob Shaw for THE IRISHMAN, and Set Decorator Nora Sopková SDSA and Production Designer Ra Vincent SDSA for JOJO RABBIT! Click here for a glimpse of their films...
It's time to say goodbye...
Michael Engler: DOWNTON ABBEY
A perfect way to end and begin a decade...


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