Kathy Orlando

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    Professional Organization / Union Affiliation
    local 44

    Region: California
    T Mobile2003  Commercial - Bob Industries
    Sprint2003  Commercial - Bob Industries
    mLife2003  Commercial - Bob Industries
    Lending Tree2003  Commercial - Headquarters
    Blue Cross2003  Commercial - Coppos
    AT&T Wireless/ "Evangelist"2003  Commercial - Bob Industries
    Taco Bell2002  commercial - Anonymous Content
    Oral B2002  Commercial - Coppos Films
    Loreal2002  commercial - HSI
    Kinko's2002  commercial - Headquarters
    Gateway2002  commercial - Japanese Monster
    Fastweb2002  commercial - Headquarters
    Chevy2002  commercial - HKM
    Bud Lite2002  Commercial - Coppos Films
    7-UP2002  commercial - Headquarters
    "A Mighty wind"2002  feature - Castle Rock
    U.S. Postal Service2001  commercial - The End
    Target2001  commercial - The End
    Jennifer Lopez2001  music video - Mars Media
    J.T. Root2001  Commercial - Straw Dogs
    Diet Pepsi2001  commercial - Villains
    Coca Cola2001  commercial - T-30 Films
    careerbuilders.com2001  Commercial - Public Works
    21st Centruy2001  commercial - Shelter Films
    "Big Fat Liar"2001  feature - Universal
    Volkswagen2000  commercial - Bruce Dowad
    Methods of Mayhem2000  music video - Mars Media
    Lara Fabian2000  Music Video - Public Works
    Eric Clapton/BB King2000  music Video - Serious Films
    Deftones2000  music video - Mars Media
    "Love and Basketball"1999  Feature - New Line Cinema
    "Waking Up Horton"1998  Feature - Pro-Mark Entertainment
    "Once and Again"1998  T.V. (pilot) - Bedford Falls/ABC
    "Girl"1997  Feature - Kushner-Locke