April 23rd, 2019 by Karen Burg

Main Photo
Blanchard house... Dee Dee Blanchard [Patricia Arquette] and her daughter Gypsy [Joey King] are being filmed for the local news, having just moved into the Habitat for Humanity House that was built for them... Image ©2019 Hulu

Set Decorator
Bryony Foster SDSA International
Production Designer
Thomas Walsh

THE ACT is a new seasonal anthology series that tells startling, stranger-than-fiction true crime stories. 
Season One follows Gypsy Blanchard [Joey King], a girl trying to escape the toxic relationship she has with her overprotective, controlling mother, Dee Dee [Patricia Arquette], who was accused of abusing her daughter by fabricating illness and disabilities as a direct consequence of Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Gypsy’s eventual quest for independence opens a Pandora’s box of secrets, one that ultimately leads to murder.                                 --Hulu
Production Designer Thomas Walsh and Set Decorator Bryony Foster SDSA International were brought to Savannah, Georgia to re-create this real-life scenario that took place in Springfield, Missouri. Thomas designed and built a cul-de-sac of 14 houses to give full opportunity for the production to accurately represent the true story.
The neighborhood...
In 2008, after their home had been destroyed in Hurricane Katrina, Habitat for Humanity had built and presented a house to Dee Dee and Gypsy Blanchard. Thus, the newly constructed houses [sets] are a definitive part of the storyline and are shown both in their state of newness and with a bit of wear as the story leaps forward 7 years to 2015, and intercuts back. 
The two key houses, a bright pink one given to the Blanchards and a blue one belonging to another single mother and daughter, were “practicals”—completely dressed, the interiors fully developed by Bryony and her team, with the dressing evolving with the storyline. The other houses were shells, with exteriors and windows and doorways dressed. Bryony utilizes backstory to help her crew envision and bring about the personalities of each set. They “named” the houses for dressing reference, Bryony smiles, “The orange house with toys in the yard and a brightly colored picnic table became The Yuppie House, the gray/green tidy one was The Retired Couple,etc.” 
[See photo gallery above.] 
The two signature houses were as opposite as their places on the color wheel, one a candy box fantasy, the other a simple, natural look, each reflecting their owners. While maintaining the façade of the exterior, Dee Dee’s penchant for pretense and lies explodes out of control into a hoarder’s nest within. Bryony and team give the actors visual verisimilitude of the disintegration of the mother and her control over her daughter and their lives. [The full interior of this set was simultaneously built and completely dressed on stage at Film Factory, Savannah.]
Cosplay ComiCon...
There are several other key sets that put the story in context, including an impactful rendering of a cosplay/costume version of a Southern ComiCon(!) Bryony gives kudos to the production’s Costume team. [See photos above.]
Among her favorite elements for this set are the enormous dragon sculptures that she found in Savannah and used as guardians of an exhibition space. [See photos above!!]
Dee Dee’s childhood home...
Another significant set was Dee Dee’s childhood home, likely where the seeds of her syndrome were planted. Bryony based the backstory on a bird motif, which was such a timely fit for this for this period set. The furniture discoveries are brilliant as well!
Thomas and Bryony blended accuracy and an artful eye, collaborating even before they arrived in Savannah.  “I love working with Thomas,” says Bryony. “He always has tons of reference by the time I start, and he shares it with everyone. This makes it easy to communicate and discuss which direction we are going to take, and then, off I go! He is always accessible and open to suggestions, so it’s a creative joy to work with him. We both love the challenges and the exploration.”
“Early on, before I got to Savannah, I read the original BuzzFeed article written by Producer/ Writer Michelle Dean. I also watched the HBO documentary and anything I could from YouTube—all rather disturbing! This is where I trusted Thomas to make it visually interesting!”
Having worked on projects all over the world, the transplanted Brit/now American citizen knows how to approach a new location and assess how much she would be able to mine local resources and what specifics she would need to provide through her long-standing vast list of sources, including SDSA International Business members, on which she often relies.
“I flew to Atlanta and had a look round CAPS and Alpha Medical Resources prop houses, and took some reference photos to remind me what was available there once we were situated in Savannah...thanks go to them for the rental of the jail and medical dressing. I had American Screen & Window Covering do all of the blinds, and per usual, they were wonderful about getting everything needed where and when we needed it! Otherwise, most of our shopping was at Savannah thrift stores, yard sales and estate sales. One does as much research as you can on the subject, and then I just let it go and follow my instincts. I do love finding that special piece that I’ve never seen before! 
However, it really is a collaboration...Designers, Directors, Producers and Actors and crew have, we digest and distill, search and discover, then put the puzzle pieces in place.”
“And, my crew was fantastic and tireless! Their attention to detail in all the dress and redressing was total...especially difficult because we did not shoot chronologically, much wrap and hold and then redress. I could not have asked for harder-working, more creative Set Dressers than the amazing crew I had from the East Coast, gathered by my fabulous leadman Jungle Shaughnessy. I loved them one and all, and of course my wonderful Buyer, Rachel Wilkin and my solid Onset Dresser Bob Smith.”
Giving back...
“At the end of the shoot, we shipped three 53ft containers up to Universal Assets in NY, and donated to all the linens, beds and toiletries, etc. that were not considered assets.” 
“The Producers were very much supportive in the aspect of Giving Back to the community, and I’m a great believer in donating directly to the people who need it. In Savannah, we found a wonderful organization called Safe Shelter, which helps Victims of Domestic, women and children who literally are starting again with nothing. We also donated items to Habitat for Humanity, the local mission and Goodwill...literally Giving Back!

Photo 3
Blanchard house... Set Decorator Bryony Foster SDSA International gives us inside info and insights into the sets and story... “The boxes are still being unpacked. The furniture is a collection from Habitat and neighbors...all bought in local thrift shops in Savannah and surrounding areas, great places for shopping for this period! The stuffed toys on the unit are given to Gypsy every time she visits the Hospital...” Image ©2019 Hulu

Photo 4
Blanchard house, kitchen... “The light fixture was found in the only local rental company where there was a pair. Very useful as I used one onstage and the other in the location house and didn't have to take it back and forth. The fabric and lace for the windows and sink were from JoAnne fabric...from far & wide, as they only carried a few yards in every store, as were all the fabrics we used! The curtains were put under the sink to allow access for Gypsy's wheelchair. We made 4 oilcloth tablecloths, as they had to be in various stages of distress over the years...” Image ©2019 Hulu

Photo 5
Blanchard house, kitchen... “We had to cast the sink so Gypsy could fit into it. All the blinds in the sets were made for us by American Screen and Window Coverings in LA. They are wonderful at sending them to us anywhere very quickly!” Patricia Arquette, Joey King. Image ©2019 Hulu

Photo 6
Blanchard house, kitchen... “The meds schedule is hanging on the cabinet and the big book on the counter is a medical reference book on drugs/pharmaceuticals...” Patricia Arquette, Joey King. Image ©2019 Hulu

Photo 7
Blanchard house, bathroom... “We had various disabled aids in the house i.e. the chrome supports on the toilet. We developed a seaside theme in the the mirror, you can see the shell light. We found a set of 3 in a thrift store. I just loved them! Stuffed animals crept in everywhere! At the end of the shoot we donated them all to the local Safe Shelter...” Image ©2019 Hulu

Photo 8
Blanchard house, bathroom... Terribly lonely, Gypsy welcomes the visit of a neighbor, something her mother discourages... AnnaSophia Robb, Joey King. Image ©2019 Hulu

Photo 9
Blanchard house... “DOLLAR STORE! Many trips. What would we do without it! Art department made hundreds of labels for us, and we bought empty pill bottles and capsules on line as well...” Image ©2019 Hulu

Photo 10
Blanchard house, bathroom... “There are cupboards full of colorful costumes. In the script, Dee Dee made most of them, but we bought them in thrift stores and TJ Max. The Costume Department was wonderful, as you will see, not only for every day, they excelled at the Convention!!!” Joey King, Patricia Arquette. Image ©2019 Hulu

Photo 11
Blanchard house, Dee Dee’s bedroom... “We had many changes in the bed linens, pink and mauve being the main colors. The Set Dressers worked really hard changing them many, many times! They were brilliant with the resets, so careful It was a lot of work, as we didn't shoot in sequence most of the time!” Image ©2019 Hulu

Photo 12
Blanchard house, Dee Dee’s bedroom... “It gets worse!” Image ©2019 Hulu

Photo 13
Blanchard house, Dee Dee’s bedroom... “And worse!” Image ©2019 Hulu

Photo 14
Blanchard house, Gypsy's room... “We studied the actual photos of the house and worked hard to find similar dressing. We actually found the exact same beaded pink light that's on the dresser!” Image ©2019 Hulu