A Day With Set Decorators

November 15th, 2004

Main Photo
ER - SDSA Associate Member Dorit Oberman, Set Dressing Buyer for ER, served as a docent. Photo by Ken Haber.

In SDSA’s Educational Outreach series Day with Set Decorators, prospective set decorators once again mixed it up with seasoned professionals. Warner Brothers Studios generously opened their prophouse and drapery department, as well as the soundstages and sets for some of television’s most popular shows: ER, FRIENDS, and the crime drama
WITHOUT A TRACE. Numerous DWSD volunteers, from committee members planning the event to mentors guiding the groups, shared aspects of set decorating with those literally following in their footsteps. Special credit goes to Tracy Balsz and her colleagues at Warner Brothers Marketing, for making this special day possible.

Photo 3
Without A Trace. Guests touring the set of WITHOUT A TRACE, a high-tech fantasy version of FBI headquarters in New York City. Set Decorator Jeannie Gunn’s detailed realism was evident throughout the set. [SET DECOR Winter 2003] Photo by Ellen Brill.

Photo 4
On the set of WITHOUT A TRACE, from left: Set Decorator Jeannie Gunn; John Rettino, WB Property; and Amy Hilker, WB Facilities Marketing. Photo by Ken Haber.

Photo 5
Friends. Set Decorator Greg Grande and a tour group from Day with Set Decorators. Photo by Ken Haber.

Photo 6
Another stop in New York City, via Hollywood: Set Decorator Greg Grande on the set of FRIENDS. “I got a call to do a pilot,” Grande shrugged. That pilot, of course, has parlayed into nearly a decade of work for him. SET DECOR Win 2003 Photo by Ellen