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    And Just Like That...Carol Silverman shops Chairish.com

    SDSA - Monday, January 24th, 1:13 pm

    Set Decorator Carol Silverman SDSA is not only an award-winning Set Decorator: 4, count ‘em, 4 Emmy Awards and the inaugural SDSA Awards for Television, she has also decorated for the Broadway stage. Most recently, Carol has taken on the highly anticipated AND JUST LIKE THAT, the continuation of the iconic series SEX AND THE CITY, which not only gave us numerous memorable characters, but brought the costumes and sets to become characters themselves. And with AJLT, that attention to Set Decoration continues, along with the lives of many of the retuning characters...all a little updated, all a little changed perspective.
    Carol talks with Chairish.com, an SDSA Business Member about what changes and what remains the same, along with her own road to the art of Set Decoration.

    Read the Interview with Chairish.com