Anneka Botha SDSA

May 28th, 2020

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In a Few Words...

Which talent would you most like to have?
Replication. The ability to split myself and be in more than one place at once. Oh. My. Word. I'm frothing at the mouth just thinking about it. In a simpler life, if the quarantine has taught me anything is that I am not much of a baker. If quantum physics doesn't work out for me, I'd like to pursue being a better baker and cook. I'm feasibly bad at both.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
That is a hard one. Personally, my daughter. Professionally, coming from a small village (Jeffreys Bay) South Africa, to Set Decorating in New Zealand. Working in Auckland with award winning designers like Grant Major and Gary Mackay...has really been an utter highlight for me. Having set up a great and talented local team to deliver high quality sets for them, and watching my team grow within the Set Dec department is by far one of my greatest achievements. 

Which word or phrase do you use the most?
Copy that.

Cobie!! Matty!! Ami!!... that's a phrase around me believe it or not (only my crew will get that one and agree)
We will make it work
This is not a debate.

What do you look for on the Craft Services table?
Usually more set dressing for the set!! (when there is no money and no time...) More fruit in the bowls, bars in the cupboards, peanuts on the floor...dirty takeout cups...Thank you craft table!

Please name a benefit of being an SDSA member.
Where do I begin???? The incredible amount of archival decoration literacture supplied in VISUALS! I'm in awe of the work that has been put into this organization and incredibly honored to be here.  The luxury of browsing through the masters of my craft, reading their testimonials and thought process of how a world literally came to light! I still get very excited about all of this...(nerd alert.) Also, the pure celebration of my craft.

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