• JCPENNEY Commercial
  • JCPENNEY Commercial
  • Think Like A Man
  • Think Like A Man
  • Think Like A Man - Thank you HD Buttercup!
  • United States of Tara (Season 2)
  • United States of Tara (Season 2)
  • United States of Tara (Season 2) - We had to "destroy" a street on location with trash and debris. This also is considered Set Decorating!
  • Nolan Knows Best (Pilot)
  • Nolan Knows Best (Pilot)
  • Nolan Knows Best (Pilot)
  • United States of Tara
  • United States of Tara - Special thanks to Lennie Marvin for all their amazing nautical props, and to 20th Century, cp4, and Universal Studios, as well!
  • United States of Tara - Special thanks to Omega and Universal Studios for the 80's "southwestern" furniture!
  • - "Hamm Strokers Dracula", episode spoofing Vampire movies.
  • - Spoof of the deep south. "The long hot Johnson" episode
  • - Kenneth is obsessed with Lisa.
  • - Lisa works by herself in the basement of the office building.
  • - This is James Earl Jones playing the part of a wealthy man who opens a reading room in an under priveleged neighborhood. This was a completely empty location and all books and bookcases were rented for the set.
  • - Drake finally gets a record deal in the season and show finale
  • - This is the nightmare of makeovers!
  • - This is Addy's dream job!
  • - This is one of many sets in front of green screen, including one with Kanye jumping out of a plane! We had to move quickly and match graphics to be put in post.
  • - Special thanks to Artist Eric Fischl for use of his painting and to Film Art LA for making that happen!
  • - Special thanks to 20th Century Props, The Green Room, Town and Country and Sandy Rose for making this room so hip!
  • - Saw this Harley in the garage of the downtown loft we were shooting in, and then searched out the owner. I begged and then he graciously let me bring up to the set at no charge, sweet!

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Member of IATSE local 44, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, SDSA

Region: California
JCPENNEY Commercial 20192  Holiday Commercial - Spears and Arrows
THIS IS US (Season 1)2017  FOX
Think Like A Man20123  Feature - Sony Screen Gems
United States of Tara (Season 2)20103  DreamWorks Television - Showtime
Nolan Knows Best (Pilot)20103  TV Sitcom / Multi Camera - Warner Brothers / ABC
United States of Tara20093  DreamWorks Television - Showtime
3  FX Network TV - Lock Lomond Entertainment
3  Feature - Lolo Films
2  Music Video - Raw Productions
3  Hallmark Channel MOW - LLP
3  Feature - Standing Still, LLC
3  Hallmark Channel MOW - LLP
3  Music Video - Refused TV
3  Hallmark Channel MOW - LLP
3  Television - Rocart
3  Nickelodeon TV - Rocart
3  Video - Pharrell/Clipse, Usher/One Chance, Kanye West/Rhymefest
3  ABC TV - DreamWorks
3  Feature Film - Fox Atomic
3  Feature - Katalyst Films - Sundance Film Festival