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    Professional Organization / Union Affiliation

    Region: Southeast
    The Burial2022   - Amazon
    Ultraviolet and Black Scorpion2021   - Disney
    The Crossover2021   - Fox
    Queen of the South2020   - Fox 21 Television
    Looking For Alaska2019   - Paramount / Hulu
    Filthy Rich2019   - 20th Century Fox
    Think Like a Dog2018  
    Semper Fi2018  
    Out of Blue2017  
    One Nation Under God2017  
    Black Lightning (Asst decorator)2017   - The CW
    Anne Dark2016  
    Vincent n Roxy2015  
    Scream S1 (asst decorator)2015   - Mtv
    Navy Seals vs Zombies2015  
    American Made, Nola unit2015  
    Tony King Live!2014  
    Proof of the Devil 22014  
    Badasses on the Bayou2014   - Fox Pictures
    The Crescent2013  
    Grave Shivers2013  
    God the Father2013  
    God's Not Dead2012