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  • Dave at ATL, with Omar Romer
  • Dave, at New York with Bridge NYs Tasha Frendel at Carpet Time Pre Oscar Bash
  • Dave at LA, at the photo wall

Dave Wilson of Bridge Props scores Event Trifecta

SDSA International - Friday, March 1st, 3:33 pm

Dave Wilson, CEO of Bridge Furniture and Props, recently scored the SDSA International event trifecta. 

Bridge Props, in their time as SDSA International Business Members, have been very supportive, and Dave, working out of the New York location, has been in attendance at events in all three SDSA International US regions!

Back in December, Dave was seen at the Atlanta Holiday Party hosted by Bridge. In January, again hosted by Bridge, the New Year event at Los Angeles saw Dave thanking attendees, and he was spotted most recently at the glamorous Pre-Oscar Party in New York hosted by Carpet Time.

Dave has become a sort of Waldo or Carmen Sandiego of the SDSA International, leaving members wondering where he might be now!

Dave in LA at the spectacular photo wall
Dave in ATL with Omar Romero 
Dave in NYC with Bridge NY’s Tasha Frendel at the elegant Carpet Time Event 

# social media signs courtesy of Astek

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