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    contact: Rich "RJ" Rappaport

     Atlanta, GA
    5300 Westpark Dr, Suite B
    Atlanta, GA 30336
    United States
    (404) 349-7600

    Welcome to RJR Props! We specialize in Prop Rentals, Movie Props and Custom Props. We provide Props for Feature Films, Television, Commercials, Music Videos, Events & Advertising. We can rig virtually any prop to light up and work! Working Office Props: computers, phones, fax machines & copiers. Over 2000 phones to choose. Working Medical Props: Doctor's Office, Hospital, ER/OR/ICU, Labor & Delivery, Neonatal, MRI, Life Support. Extensive Security Props for Police, Courthouse, Jail Scenes & Military: security cameras & monitors, retina & hand-scanners, fingerprint ID, mag swipe readers, keypads, walkie-talkies, metal detectors, baggage scanners, jail phones. Airport Props: Aircraft interior, Metal Detectors, Baggage Scanners, stanchions, ropes. Bank props: Vault, teller terminals, money counters, prop money. Working Retail Store Props: cash registers, price scanners, receipt printers. Forensic, Crime labs and Research Labs: DNA & blood analyzers, test tubes, spectrometers, microscopes, gas masks, biological suits, microscopes. We build working Computer Rooms: over 3000 Computers: from vintage mainframes and PC's to the newest Servers. Sci-Fi props: exotic electronics, control panels, dials, gages. Military Props: Military Radios, Military Computers, Crypto-Comm Gear, Military Test Sets. Hand Props and Vintage Props. RJR Props can provide working realistic Props for your feature film, show, commercial, music video, or event. Please let us know your needs, and we will find a cost-effective way to provide it.

    Member Since: 2015