E.C. Prop Rentals,Inc.

    contact: Paul Andruszkewicz

     North Hollywood, CA
    11846 Sherman Way
    North Hollywood, CA 91605
    United States

     North Hollywood, CA
    11846 Sherman Way
    North Hollywood, CA 91605
    United States

    Please check out our website (listed above), it is constantly being updated with our expansive inventory. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please click on the "Inventory" link for a full listing of items/categories that we have, or feel free to contact us and we can let you know if we have it, If we do not have the item pictured on the website yet, we will be glad to take a picture and email it to you.

    **LIGHTING - Fluorescent (2', 4', and 8'), incandescent china hats, wall sconces, warehouse bay lights, vapor/runway/beacon lights, etc. All with high multiples.

    **ELECTRONICS - Vareity of sizes/styles/color of castered electronic control towers (with multiples), largest selection of stainless steel control boxes with various #'s of lights and functions.

    **SHELVING - Many styles/sizes, wood and metal. All with high multiples.

    **INDUSTRIAL DRESSING - For factory, warehouse, loading dock, shipping yard, etc. Great inventory of crates, barrels, pallets (wood and plastic), piping, and shipping containers.

    **LOCKERS - For health & fitness gym, school, employee lounge, "pro style" sports. All with good multiples. Most are able to be painted (inquire about specific styles). Multiples sizes, tiers, and materials. Also, many styles/sizes of locker room benches.

    **BASKETBALL/GYMNASIUM SCOREBOARD - Scoreboard and remote. Along with instruciton manual for remote and shipping cart for entire unit.

    **SIGNAGE - Compatible with all of the catagories we have dressing for.

    **STREET/ALLEY - Cobra Head Streetlights (Aluminum) with and without pole and base, large quantity/styles of dumpsters, full-size bus shelters, bus/park benches, street signage (w/ 8' and 10' poles/bases), parking meters, milk crates (plastic/wood/metal), exterior wall lighting, and large selection of street construction dressing.

    **CONSTRUCTION - Both for street and construction site grade. Variety of barricades (all with high multiples) with barricade lanterns, Signage, Halogen Worklights, Ventilation Hoses, Cement Mixers, Ducting/Sewer Pipe, Cones/Delineators, and all Hand Tools/Hard Hats/etc.

    **FURNACE/BOILERS - Multiples of a variety of sizes of furnaces and boilers, all are castered.

    **AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR SHOP - Diagnostic Equipment, Engines, Engine Hoists, Auto Ramps/Jacks, Tires and Tire Racks, Tool Boxes and Tool Chest Sets, Air Hoses, Work Tables, and Numerous Hand Tools.

    **DRESSING - For police squadroom, laboratory, street & alley, construction sites, rooftop, wood/metal/machine shop, automotive/motorcycle/tire repair shop or garage, and residential/home garage.