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June 2nd, 2022

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Our team has spent years tagging and sorting all entries to be searchable by date range, era, style, etc. so that you can be confident that the table you need for a period piece isn’t off by 20, 50, or 100 years!

As we grow and our collection grows, we encourage responsible use of our inventory by all companies from the smallest stage shows to the largest feature films and everyone in between.

We’ll do our best to share our knowledge while renting a little bit of everything!

1 Cape May Street, 2nd Floor
Harrison, NJ 07029
Phone: (973) 351-5008

Hours: Mon - Fri 9:100am - 5:00pm
              Evenings and Weekends by Appointment
              Delivery and Pickup Available

Contact: Denise Grillo or Ian Grunes

Email: hello@everythingprops.com
Website: everythingprops.com
Instagram: everythingpropsnyc

SDSA Members since 2021

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