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    Exhibition Tour: Mesopotamia: Civilization Begins GETTY VILLA CLOSED Until further notice

    April1-July 27, 2020 - Monday, July 27th

    Statue of Prince Gudea (detail), Neo-Sumerian period, about 2120 BC, dolerite. Musée du Louvre, Department of Near Eastern Antiquities, Paris. Gift of Boisgelin, 1967 (de Clercq collection). Image © Scala/Art Resource, NY

    Mesopotamia—the land "between the rivers” in modern-day Iraq—was home to the ancient Sumerians, Babylonians, and Assyrians. On this 45-minute tour, learn about these cultures' many achievements, including the earliest known script (cuneiform), the formation of the first cities, and the development of advanced scientific knowledge, arts, and literature.



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