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  • American Horror Story/1984 Season 9 - Like a Norman Rockwell cover on the Saturday Evening Post, Lavinia(Lily Rabe) works the camp's 1948 Snack Shack built at the Franklin Canyon State Park above Beverly Hills. Period dressing came from History for Hire, Warner Bros, and RC Vintage.
  • American Horror Story/1984 Season 9 - The 100th episode special spoofs Robin Leach's 90's TV juggernaut 'Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous', profiling homes of Stars. Margaret(Leslie Grossman) lives in a golden cage inspired by Debbie Gibson's home seen on the 'Lifestyles' series.
  • American Horror Story/1984 Season 9 - Nurse Rita/Donna Chambers(Angelica Ross) discovers her father's double life while trailing him to this Lincoln Heights Murder House. Furniture came from RC Vintage, Playback Technologies, and Warner Brothers.
  • American Horror Story/1984 Season 9 - Brothers Bobby and Benjamin Richter share a childhood bedroom in Lavinia's 1948 Cabin. The bunk-beds are from Omega, while the dresser, from Premiere Props.
  • American Horror Story/1984 Season 9 - In this pretty-in-pink apartment of Veterinary student Brooke Thompson(Emma Roberts), salmon pink & seafoam green help counter the yellow walls. I researched that she looked best in peaches and rose colored pastels.
  • American Horror Story/1984 Season 9 - Every cabin, including the ones on stage had a functioning pot belly stove, we bought at least 16! Here in Lavinia's 1948 cabin, choice furniture pieces reveal an all too different time slowed by the Depression yet propelled by the second World War.
  • American Horror Story/1984 Season 9 - Margaret Booth's cabin residence quickly became the crew favorite. The layered and grand-motherly decor helped misdirect her real diabolical plan, and killer history. Here Richard Ramirez(Zack Villa) arrives in Camp Redwood and into her cabin.
  • American Horror Story/1984 Season 9 - I only needed to see a couple childhood pictures of serial killer Richard Ramirez's South Texas home to know exactly where I was going to go. Persimmon red, harvest gold, burnt umbers, and buttered ivory was my color guide that included a green shag rug.
  • American Horror Story/1984 Season 9 - Filmed at the haunted Lanterman Asylum in Pomona CA, this vacant warehouse was transformed into a 1960's South Texas Boot Factory. EC Props had cobbler's stations, tools, and hanging lamps, while real steerhide & leather shoes came from DTLA.
  • American Horror Story/1984 Season 9 - Gutted of its modern appliences, counters and kitchen gadgetry, the buyers (Elizabeth Gary & Armen Khechoumian) provided me with great period set dressing thoughout the season from RC Vintage, Bischoff's Taxidermy and Town & Country.
  • Snowfall(Pilot & Season 1) - Damson Idris plays Franklin Saint, an up and coming dealer under the tutelage of his Uncle Jerome(Amin Joseph), here in his Dining room and Den. Franklin's Mother Sharon(Michael Hyatt) pays a surprise visit. The ceiling lamp inspired the jeweled colors in the house.
  • Snowfall(Pilot & Season 1) - Filmed in a gutted space in South Los Angeles, this exterior gives us a glimpse of Franklin Saints' earliest memories of his father as a member of the Oakland Chapter of the Black Panther Party.
  • Snowfall(Pilot & Season 1) - An early 1980's Georgetown apartment belongs to Detective Teddy McDonald's wife and child. The grey velour Chesterfield sofa anchors the room with DC traditional chairs teamed with a bamboo coffee table. A deco sideboard helps fill out the space.
  • Snowfall(Pilot & Season 1) - An exterior on Snowfall's Pilot and first season shows 1980's Los Angeles period-correct bus benches, parking meters, payphones, newspaper racks, and cobra-head lamps peppering the streets.
  • Snowfall(Pilot & Season 1) - We explore this hidden speakeasy frequented by corrupt cops & criminals nestled behind the furniture store of drug lord Claudia Crane(Judith Scott). A healthy mix of late 70's and early 80's furniture depict a colorful transition from Disco to the Hip-Hop era.
  • Snowfall(Pilot & Season 1) - Detective Teddy McDonald's Van Nuys apartment reflects his sad loneliness in the San Fernando Valley heat.
  • Snowfall(Pilot & Season 1) - Red spells danger in the office of this wealthy ranch owner and drug lord at his Hacienda in Mexico
  • Snowfall(Pilot & Season 1) - A picture's worth a thousand words with this late 70'/80's motel room. Nothing existed in this room prior to filming, including the Damasked wall
  • Snowfall(Pilot & Season 1) - This 60's Oakland Chapter of the Black Panther Party included red Naugahyde seating, a playpen for children, and ashtrays. The walls had framed images of Malcolm X, Huey Newton, and Angela Davis. Farther in, volunteers prepare meals for their pioneering 1969 Free Breakfast Program.
  • Snowfall(Pilot & Season 1) - Where does the Snowfall cocaine come from? How about the jungles of the backlot lake at Warner Brothers? This open-air warehouse comes complete with a cocaine press, barreled chemicals, and weaponry for security.
  • Lethal Weapon Season 3 - This Mideast 90's Internet Cafe in Syria is actually at the end of Hennessey street at Universal's Backlot. I wanted the cabling to resemble Terry Gilliam's 'Brazil'. Outside, there's a full market with 50 extras walking under Camphor trees converted to Date Palms.
  • Lethal Weapon Season 3 - Trish Murtaugh(Keesha Sharp) considers an offer inside of this restaurant's dramatic transformation to the Pacific Dining Car, seen earlier as the 1990's Syrian Internet Cafe. The red Japanese Maple came from GreenSet, while the green booths from Omega Cinema Props.
  • Lethal Weapon Season 3 - Filmed at the Warner Ranch, this space was changed into a dreary east European, post-Soviet 1980's Slovakian apartment. A young Wesley Cole shared it with his photo-journalist mother. The kitchen sink pulls double duty as her darkroom & photo lab.
  • Lethal Weapon Season 3 - We find Wesley Cole(Seann William Scott) in a deserted cabin shootout, filmed on the Warner Brother's backlot.
  • Lethal Weapon Season 3 - The painters did a masterful job with this frosty Freezer Prison for Roger Murtaugh (Damon Wayans) and his partner, Wesley Cole (Seann William Scott). It even felt cold with freezer racks filled with convincing slabs of faux meat from the HPR.
  • Lethal Weapon Season 3 - This house had just experienced a massive and frighteningly realistic mud slide for Ryan Murphy's '911' before we had Wesley Cole crash through the front door on this episode of Lethal Weapon. This house was originally used in Will Smith's superhero movie, 'Hancock'.
  • Lethal Weapon Season 3 - This bank vault was both challenging, (sourcing functioning safety deposit boxes) and fun, when you not only find them, but snag a giant round working vault door for the Art Dept to boot! The clean lines and simplicity help focus on the scene's action sequence.
  • Lethal Weapon Season 3 - We created this nightclub bathroom complete with urinals, sinks, toilets, stalls and plumbing, only to destroy it all over the next two days for an elaborate fight scene in the finale of Lethal Weapon, season 3.
  • Lethal Weapon Season 3 - A serial killer's torture room isn't complete without a barber's chair to strap a victim to. An adjacent room features a pair of John Wayne Gacy inspired clown paintings, along with a ram's head and owl from Bischoff's Taxidermy in Burbank, CA.
  • Lethal Weapon Season 3 - A full industrial kitchen, walk-in freezer, prep station, storage room & office were built for a massive fight scene in this Salvadoran Restaurant. Kitchen dressing came courtesy of Warner Brothers, Bleu Busch, & American Kitchen Supply.
  • The Affair Season 3 - In artist Nan's(Amy Irving) Living Room, how many styles of art, textiles & patterns could I blend and still make it look cohesive? Director Jessica Yu was gracious with compliments since we'd given her so much to work with.
  • The Affair Season 3 - We kept editing any warmth from this Living Room set for Emily Browning's character, Sierra(Helen's Hollywood Hills neighbor). She was not cold but the relationship between she and her mother's was scripted as distant, hence no florals, pillows or soft goods.
  • The Affair Season 3 - Helen's therapist was described as a quirky, spiritual guide whom she seemed reluctant to trust initially. She relaxes in a dark green mohair sofa while he listened from his wingback chair. Incense, brass lamps, and tranquil sculptures, all help to disarm her guard.
  • The Affair Season 3 - Glamping reaches new heights when Helen is seduced by neighbor Sierra to visit this desert retreat. A Michelin inspired dining tent and bottles of wine promp an insightful conversation about their lives.
  • The Affair Season 3 - The El Cholo Restaurant gets a festive makeover in this version of Helen's(Maura Tierney) recollection.
  • The Affair Season 3 - Deep furniture tones are in sharp contrast to the pale walls and window treatments which on the surface present a happy family but in truth reflect the seriousness and conflict set to occur in this living room scene.
  • The Affair Season 3 - Noah Solloway(Dominic West) gives his version of events when denied entry to this over-the-top Science Fair at his son's elite private academy. Thanks to Tech Props, the Hand Prop Room, and ISS for spectacular displays and diaramas perfectly suited for this scene.
  • The Affair Season 3 - Helen's Bedroom overlooking Los Angeles is just another California Dream, and she hates it. Maura Tierney raved about her house during talent interviews but her character couldn't tolerate the West Coast sunshine.
  • The Affair Season 3 - Maura Tierney's character Helen Solloway can't tolerate the California sunshine and warm Santa Ana winds so I tried to soothe her transition by bringing in some New England charm like a Chippendale grandfather clock to mix with the ocean inspired West Coast furniture.
  • The Affair Season 3 - In Nan's(Amy Irving) Dining Room, a view of Moro Bay is just outside her window. Inside, each piece of art from around the world tells a story.
  • Insecure Season 2 - The green club chairs had to stay so we paired them with a Le Cobusier Barcelona daybed for tired clients. The shelving units actually came with the house, then I added the international art, sculptures, a pencil etching of Nina Simone flanked by two Japanese watercolor prints.
  • Insecure Season 2 - This therapist's office reflects her rich and traveled history complete with Afghan rugs paired with red Momento Italia leather chairs from Blueprint Furniture, a 50's domestic wall unit from Lawson-Fenning, along with a large Deco table as her desk.
  • Insecure Season 2 - The commissary on the Sony lot becomes a fashionable outdoor restaurant and bar for the finale of yet another dissapointing season of Insecure. Never reaching its full potential compared to other HBO shows, we still managed to bring them outstanding sets despite director shortcomings.
  • Insecure Season 2 - Lawrence's internet start-up was a fun place to experiment with fresh patterns like this striped sofa by fashion designer Paul Smith and his line of upholstery.
  • Insecure Season 2 - You know you fooled the pros when so many Long Beach joggers and runners thought they'd missed their beloved annual Marathon. Tents were supplied by Town&Country while the port-a-pottys, barricades, cones, and delineators came from Pacific Traffic Control in DTLA.
  • Insecure Season 2 - Not as good as 'I May Destroy You' (also on HBO), Insecure should have been better titled 'Indecisive', as we often suffered from 'direction by committee' and inflated egos. Despite the frustration, great sets still pevailed.
  • Insecure Season 2 - This is only one of a number of bachelor pads built on the Sony lot doubling for the Dunes Apartments in Baldwin Hills.
  • Insecure Season 2 - A view of bubbles from inside a glass of Champagne was inspiration for the lighting rig above the LA Athletic Club bar made from round Chinese parchment paper lanterns in varying sizes.
  • Insecure Season 2 - Lawrence(Jay Ellis) works at an internet start-up where bold colors, ergonomics, and archade games keep the programmers alert and interested. Cool work pods came from Scandiavian Designs at the Culver City Helms Building, and the Aeron Chairs came from Advanced Liquidators.
  • Insecure Season 2 - Attoney Molly Carter(Yvonne Orji) is disappointed with her current status at the law firm where she pratices. This traditional office with sleek masculine overtones speak to the stagnant system she feels is slow to change and oblivious of her talents.
  • 1600 Penn(Pilot & Season 1) - Fox Studios had all the drapery for this NBC comedy starring Josh Gad and Bill Pullman. John F Kennedy's Oval Office drapery was retrieved from the Fox archives, while a digital photgraph of the Presidential Seal was composited by Dangling Carrot, then printed on the oval rug.
  • 1600 Penn(Pilot & Season 1) - An East Wing Reading Room just off the Master Suite has a Georgian writing desk, settee, Empire arm chairs, and sconces all from Warner Brothers. The foreground pair of sage colored English lounge chairs came from Objects.
  • 1600 Penn(Pilot & Season 1) - The East Wing chandeliers came from Omega, and the cinnebar curio hutch from Universal Property. Included are portraits of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, oil paintings of national parks, and authentic early American furniture from New England.
  • 1600 Penn(Pilot & Season 1) - This spacious and camera friendly kitchen provides the first family with all the modern amenities while creating spaces where intimate conversations and private family squabbles could play out. The chandeliers you may recognize from the Collection's department at Warner Brothers.
  • 1600 Penn(Pilot & Season 1) - Omega provided the Resolute Desk and Empire striped chairs. The gold damask sofas were reupholstered at Universal. We got the grandfather clock and the Rembrandt Peele portrait of George Washington from the House of Props..
  • 1600 Penn(Pilot & Season 1) - This 12 foot long colonial and inlaid dining table along with matching Chippendale chairs were found at Omega Cinema Props while the China hutches and portraiture came from Universal Property.
  • 1600 Penn(Pilot & Season 1) - The East Wing kitchen nook came curtousy of the Warner Brothers Collections.
  • 1600 Penn(Pilot & Season 1) - This East Wing family room doubled as a living space for the visiting Prime Minister of France, hence the inviting and provincial furniture from Objects.
  • 1600 Penn(Pilot & Season 1) - The First Daughter's bedroom shows a rebellious streak despite the lavender tones mixed with Pine, Oak, and Maple woods.
  • 1600 Penn(Pilot & Season 1) - The Presidential en suite featured a walk-in shower, oversized porcelan tub, and a porthole for camera that peered into the Master Bedroom.
  • Straight Outta Compton - Here in a pivotal scene, Easy E(Jason Mitchell) is rapping "Cruisin' down the street in my '6-4'. Dr. Dre was very specific about the sound & recording equipment like Sony microphones, and Cerwin-Vega speakers, along with stacks and stacks of albums.
  • Straight Outta Compton - Dr. Dre had an analog mixing board called the SSL back then and insisted it NOT be digital. The state-of-the-art 1980's mixing board is valued today at over $750,000. I found the last one in a private recording studio in Toluca Lake, CA. When Dr. Dre landed on set, he was transfixed back in time.
  • Straight Outta Compton - In this scene, Jimmy Iovine(Mark Sherman) from Interscope Records comes to meet with Dre and Eazy. I pulled so much equipment from my friends at Coast Recording in Hollywood and NoHo to make these scenes as authentic as possible.
  • Straight Outta Compton - Here, Director of Photography, Matty Libatique(A Star Is Born) deserves the Oscar nod for his inventive and audacious camera moves. I had the pleasure of doing a Plymouth Commercial with him, and he virtually saved the DMX movie we were on!
  • Straight Outta Compton - Thankfully, some studios still recorded on original analog sound equipment including 4" tape and multi-track recorders, so when Eames chairs were needed, my thought after challenging weeks and relentless searching was: Is that all you got?! Advanced Liquidators....easy.
  • Straight Outta Compton - Matching NWA's first concert, dumpsters and trash cans came from Alley Cats, truss from Premier Lighting, while DJ turntable & mixers came from Coast Recording
  • Straight Outta Compton - The Audio Booths were lined with authentic sound buffering panels courtesy of Coast Recording.
  • Straight Outta Compton - Banks of electronic recording equipment lined the walls of this Sound Studio, all sourced from Coast Recording in North Hollywood. Here the director, F. Gary Grey discusses scenes with actors Jason Mitchell(Easy E), O'Shea Jackson Jr(Ice Cube), and Corey Hawkins(Dr. Dre).
  • Straight Outta Compton - A masterful job at interpreting his father's music, O'Shea Jackson Jr chanels Ice Cube, and leads the band into a memorable rendition of 'Straight Outta Compton' and 'F#ck tha Police'. The Disco ball, truss , and parcan lighting came from Premier Lighting.
  • LA's Finest(Pilot) - This Long Beach yoga studio and gym transformed into a local smoothie shop & neighborhood bodega because it had to be within sightline of the medicinal pot shop we dressed next door. You might reconize the grocery and floral displays from Lennie Marvin's Prop Heaven.
  • LA's Finest(Pilot) - The downtown LA skyline was reason enough to eliminate any window treatments in Syd's living room and spacious loft apartment. This cream wool sectional sofa also came from Rapport on La Brea Bl in Hollywood.
  • LA's Finest(Pilot) - A sleek and modern kitchen complete with waterfall island in black absolute marble separates the open concept living & dining area, with Syd's spacious bedroom.
  • LA's Finest(Pilot) - In her Den, a tall dresser stores games, puzzles, school supplies, and throw blankets for movie night. The dresser and the wooden chandelier came from Objects while the desk, side chair, electric guitar and set dressing came from Nest Studio Rentals.
  • LA's Finest(Pilot) - One day you may dress a little girl's room and the next is a chop shop in an East LA barrio, and they both should feel as natural and organic as the characters they serve. EC Props and Alley Cats are a treasure trove for junk yard dressing as Syd & Nancy pay a visit to the informant's garage.
  • LA's Finest(Pilot) - Syd Burnett's(Gabrielle Union) father is played by Ghostbuster's own Ernie Hudson. A former cop himself, he lives in a small bachelor's apartment in the middle of the Valley in the pilot episode of LA's Finest.
  • LA's Finest(Pilot) - Two matching aquarium shaped spaces are the Captain's Office and LAPD Conference Room flanking a massive bullpen in this pilot for Jessica Alba and Gabriel Union's cop buddy dramedy, LA's Finest.
  • LA's Finest(Pilot) - This LAPD bullpen was built in a gutted Baldwin Hills office park with desks and office dressing provided by Advanced Liquidators. The intricate and delicate lighting grid was sourced by Advanced LED Supply(no relation) on San Fernando in Glendale.
  • LA's Finest(Pilot) - I still prefer my version of Nancy McKenna's(Jessica Alba) Living Room set. Bold colors blended with a traditional pallet reflect Nancy's reserved and quiet strength.
  • LA's Finest(Pilot) - The dive bar adjacent to the Edison Restaurant in DTLA plays as the exterior of a nightclub's suspicious fire. Cork gets painted black then littered along the alleyway wet-down. Painted and control-burned Victorian & Deco furniture pieces were set ablaze to match the destruction hauled outside.
  • The Mandarin (Reshoots) - Sir Ben Kingsley plays the Mandarin in this Marvel film shot at the Sheriff's Station in City Terrace, just south of Cal State LA. Despite his incarceration, The Mandarin gets preferred treatment, like a private kitchen and extra towels.
  • The Mandarin (Reshoots) - The Prison Cafeteria was an open space converted with appliances from Air Designs, along with their integrated tables & seating. Sconces, and flourescent lighting came from EC Props.
  • Thor 2: The Dark World - We find Pofessor Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard) in what appears to be a lecture hall for a Physics Class in a university setting, explaining his theories about the time & space continuum.
  • Thor 2: The Dark World - Filmed at the Marvel Stages in Manhattan Beach, 'One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest' was my inspiration for this waiting room designed for patients of the hospital.
  • Thor 2: The Dark World - Graduating from pencils to shoes, we see him trying to explain complex theories about the impending interstellar destruction. Here, Professor Erik Selvig(Stellan Skarsgard) uses pencils before borrowing Stan Lee's sneakers to make a point. Wndow blinds by American Screen & Window.
  • Thor 2: The Dark World - Stan Lee makes his Hitchcockian appearance as a recovering mental patient, delivering the punchline to Proessor Selvig's question. All he wants, are his shoes back.
  • Thor 2: The Dark World - Disappointed with his class' lack of interest with the his theories, the prof resolves himself to his fate while residing in a mental health facility. We dressed the set as a dead match to the European hospital.
  • The Brink(3 Episodes) - Tim Robbins and Jack Black couldn't save this Mideast comedy for HBO. Two pilots, Zeke(Pablo Schreiber) and Glenn(Eric Ladin) prepare for a raid while in their locker room. I wish I could find the pictures from the two-block long Pakistani Market shot in Hollywood, or the Somali crash site strewn across two and a half acres up in Stevenson Ranch.
  • Marvel's Black Widow Promo - Hans Wagner inspired chairs coupled with a mid-century walnut table from Modernica, along with the eastern European mini-appliances from RC Vintage helped create a warm kitchen environment.
  • Marvel's Black Widow Promo - The Black Widow movie was a point of inspiration, not a blueprint when approaching this set. After reviewing some trailers and scenes from the film, I was able to gather a backstory of Scarlett Johansson's character Black Widow, the KGB super spy.
  • Marvel's Black Widow Promo - Scarlett Johansson, David Harbour, and Florence Pugh discuss scenes from the film in this kitchen set inspired by 'Black Widow'. I wanted to make sure the color tonalities and the set dressing felt as if they stepped off the film set.
  • Marvel's Black Widow Promo - This FX Promo for Marvel featured conversations with the Black Widow cast. I had a couple window walls built with wainscoting to match the film.
  • Marvel's Black Widow Promo - I noticed kitchen appliances were smaller in Europe when filming in Prague, Czech Republic. I figure access to daily farmers' markets helps.
  • Marvel's Black Widow Promo - Tones, colors and set pieces can be adjusted fortuately when a monitor is provided. Here, four camera feeds are ready to catch any reaction.
  • Marvel's Black Widow Promo - Filmed at sound stages within ear's shot of the famous Chinese Theater, it's still exciting for me to work on a set no matter the size of the project.
  • Marvel's Black Widow Promo - I knew how to set up this Black Widow environmant with angles, camera portals, and foreground elements but it evolved several times from this illustration before arriving to what we finished with. Thankfully the set retained much of its original concept.
  • Over 400 Commercials - This AppleTV commercial featured Michael B Jordan and the late Kobe Bryant. Kobi marveled and applauded the speed when we rearranged a shot for camera. Furniture ranged from Rapport to Lennie Marvin, along with custom window shades from American Screen & Window Coverings.
  • Over 400 Commercials - The Church & State restaurant in DTLA was inspration for this Nancy Meyers directed commercial and international campaign for Avon Cosmetics.
  • Over 400 Commercials - The advertising agency requested we model this Encino sandwich shoppe off a popular New York deli called Russ&Daughters in this commercial for AT&T.
  • Over 400 Commercials - George Washington's Valley Forge battlefield tent was recreated at the Disney Ranch in Santa Clarita. Assorted tents, furs, campfires, along with leather scrolls of maps, all came from Premiere Props. History for Hire, and the House of Props filled in with cots, canons, pitchforks and portraits.
  • Over 400 Commercials - Honda Motors garnered huge praise from fans for their Super Bowl Commercial featuring Matthew Broderick reprising his role as Ferris Bueller.
  • Over 400 Commercials - The Blue Cloud backlot was transformed into a Thai Street Market for Chase Bank, complete with fresh produce, live chickens, doves, goats and an elephant.
  • Over 400 Commercials - Long Beach is where this launching platform doubled for Ground Control on an energy drink commercial back in 2014
  • Over 400 Commercials - The walls of this Captain's Quarters are covered with an obsession with fresh fish. He's determined to sail the seas in search of the perfect catch for his Filet'0'Fish Sanchwich in this commercial for McDonald's
  • Over 400 Commercials - This is not Moby Dick, but a McDonald's commercial for their Filet'0'Fish sandwich
  • Over 400 Commercials - Snoop Dog and his family starred in this white-on-white living room set for an Commercial. The drapes were all custom and included festoons, cascades, and legs drawn with matching tie backs.
  • Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend? - Even kid/teen movies have characters like Phears(Charlie Hewson) that prevent us from having a good night's sleep. The wrought iron gate was sourced from the now defunct Universal Scene Dock.
  • Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend? - A Science Class gets taken over by a mischievous poltergeist causing a ruckus and hampering Max's(Ryan Ochoa) chance to impress the girl of his dreams Cammy, played by Bella Thorne.
  • Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend? - In Max's(Ryan Ochoa) Bedroom, I had to pay homage to one of my favorite movies: 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off', with a Union Jack in the background.
  • Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend? - The trio's graveyard nemesis is Phears(Charlie Hewson), a Nosferatu-looking twin, seen here with his ghostly hench-clown Emma(Caroline Lagerfelt).
  • Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend? - The trio of amateur sleuths devise a plan to stop the evil Phears from taking control of the world. The set was dressed with early American and midwestern decor in mind, reflecting the normalcy of their lives caught in extraordinary circumstances.
  • Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend? - This was Joan Rivers' last movie appearance before her untimely death. Here, she plays Max's(Ryan Ochoa) grandmother catching up with her favorite grandson.
  • Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend? - Teen angst and carefully laid plans, just don't go together, here with 'ghostly' friends Tara(Madison Pitts) and Nicky(Rochon Fegan).
  • La Brea(Pilot) - The pilot 'La Brea' was just about completed when Covid hit and shut down the most pivotal scene that included 300 extras in front of mid-city's Tar Pits and LACMA
  • La Brea(Pilot) - FEMA, Geology, First Aid, Media, Seismology, Federal and Municipal Tents converge forming a mini-city just outside the La Brea Tar Pits
  • La Brea(Pilot) - Seismology and Geology Tents help identify a strange phenomenon swallowing the Mid-Wilshire neighborhood of Los Angeles.
  • La Brea(Pilot) - As if dumped in place, scientists and engineers set up their tents to retrieve any bit of information for officials and first responders. First Aid is visible outside the clear tent walls. Clear tent panels were a request specified by the director.
  • La Brea(Pilot) - The media is standing by for official word for the Mayor, Police and Fire Chiefs.
  • La Brea(Pilot) - The Media Tent serves as the official City designated media pool source.
  • Hurwitz Creative Offices - The facade of the studio warehouse was inspired by the exterior of The California Endowment Headquarters in DTLA for this redwood paint scheme to welcome guests. Apparently it's a popular backdrop for many actors and photographers in the NoHo Arts District.
  • Hurwitz Creative Offices - The Reception Area has an inviting and casual tone with tranquil colors and a watermarked company name behind the desk.
  • Hurwitz Creative Offices - A Pergola shades a Sunbrella sectional sofa with hidden cooling misting bars for warm sunny days. Staff often work outside and under the umbrellas, while the night shift take advantage of the warm nights and carnaval lighting al fresco.
  • Hurwitz Creative Offices - A pair of large brass colonial chandeliers are finished in matte black and serve as a light source above the producer's bullpen. The ping-pong styled bulbs add a modern twist with humor, while sky ports provide natural lighting.
  • Hurwitz Creative Offices - The Patio, with its water feature from Encino's Garden Temple, offers a tranquil retreat from work in the edit bays. The fountain also doubles as a birdbath for the neighborhood sparrows.
  • Hurwitz Creative Offices - The Conference Room just off the kitchen, sports an expandable table enough for 16. It's often coverted to a talent/interview stage and product studio.
  • Hurwitz Creative Offices - This bright and functional Kitchen has a magnetic quality, especially when baking chocolate chip cookies.
  • Hurwitz Creative Offices - This Patio Oasis is surrounded by bamboo, myrtle, plum, and maple trees. Succulents lead you to a fountain perfect for drowing out frazzled nerves with splashing white noise.
  • Hurwitz Creative Offices - Though small, these edit bays are very spacious with their 12 foot celings, chandeliers, and client friendly seating.

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