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    How and where to Donate PPE Supplies

    IATSE LOCAL 44 - Saturday, March 21st, 12:30 pm



    Dear Sisters and Brothers,

    Local 44 is joining the IATSE in an effort to collect and distribute medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) to Los Angeles medical facilities in need.

    If you have access to n95 masks, dust masks, disposable Gloves, Tyvek suits, face shields or other related products, please make arrangements to drop them off by emailing Tobey Bays We are planning to use Local 44 at 12021 Riverside Drive, North Hollywood 91607 as the collection location. We can also arrange for pick-up.

    If you know of a supply that is locked up at one of your shows or shops, please forward this email to David Elliott with the following information so that we can obtain authorization from your employer to gain access to the show’s PPE:

    Title of Show:

    Contact information for UPM/Line Producer if available:

    Location of: N95 masks, dust masks or medical masks - Quantity:

    Disposable gloves - Quantity:

    Tyvek Suits - Quantity:

    Other related products:

    Is a Key, Combination Number, or other special access procedure necessary?

    Thank you for your cooperation and assistance. By working together we can help our city and our industry get back to work as soon as possible.

    In solidarity,
    Local 44


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