• "Kicking and Screaming" (Reshoots)
  • "Living With Fran"
  • "Living With Fran"
  • "Living With Fran"
  • "Rules of Engagement"

 Jerie Kelter

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Region: California
"Weeds"  Feature Film - De Laurentis Productions
" Patty Hearst"  Feature Film - Atlantic Releasing
"The Big Picture"  Feature Film - Columbia Pictures
"Weekend At Bernie's"  Feature Film - 20th Century Fox/Gladden Entertainment
"Body of Evidence"  Feature Film - De Laurentis Productions
"Hot Shots 1 & Part Deux"  Feature Film - 20th Century Fox
"Tall Tale; The Amazing Adventures of Pecos Bill"  Feayure Film - Disney
"Metro"  Feature Film - Caravan Pictures
"Mafia"  Feature Film - Touchstone Pictures
"Kicking and Screaming" (Reshoots)1  Feature Film - Universal Studios
"Ladies Man"2nd Season  Television - CBS/Columbia Tristar
"Dr. Vegas"  Television - CBS/Warner Brothers
"Living With Fran"2nd season 20063  Television - Regency/Sony
The Wedding Belles2007  Television - David E. Kelly Productions
"Rules of Engagement"1st & 2nd Season 2006-20081  Tevevision - ABC/Sony