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    Marina Parker SDSA in the news about DICKENSON

    SDSA - Thursday, May 20th, 3:10 pm

    Imagine an empowered Emily Dickinson chatting with death (played by Whiz Kalifa even) in sumptuous period interiors and you have AppleTV+ series DICKINSON. Now in its second season, fictionalized and stylized has even been called subversive for its content that contrasts heavily with the real life Dickenson. . Set Decorator Marina Parker SDSA states “The show does seek to re-imagine Emily Dickinson and what her inner world may have been like, which has made it --from a design perspective --especially with the fantasies-- such a pleasure and joy to work on!”
    Two recent magazine articles on the show have been published
    The New Yorker, more about the series than the sets, but interesting and informative all the same
    House Beautiful, chatting with Parker and PD Neil Patel
    Photo, Paker even in researching mirrors of the era turns the experience into art