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Propcart founder Richard Scotten with Cynthia McCormac of Sony Pictures Studio Property and Set Decorator Letitia Gangotena. Sony was one of the first prop houses to join Propcart and currently lists the most items.

March 24th, 2021

Did you know founder Richard Scotten has been living in prop houses for the past year?

In 2018, Richard launched the first online marketplace for prop houses and set decorators. Propcart has since grown to over 70 vendors in Los Angeles, NYC, and Vancouver and 250,000 props.

Impressed with Propcart's user-friendly design, 16 prop houses and cleared art galleries have ordered their own bespoke website powered by Propcart tech.  But when they asked him to add rental tracking, Richard hit a wall.

He knew nothing about prop house operations. And he needed to learn fast.

The only way was to become the Daniel Day-Lewis method actor of prop rentals and live that #PropHouseLife.

So one year ago, in the dead of Winter 2020, Richard drove up to Empire Props in Vancouver to learn the business and build out the rental tracking system.  Four weeks later, all production shut down from COVID and the prop house staff was furloughed. But by then he had a long list features to build, so he sat alone in that icy warehouse wrapped in blankets banging out code until production resumed in July.  
After eight months of living at Empire Props, Richard realized he wouldn't survive another Canadian Winter, so he made a similar collaboration/living arrangement with prop house Heaven or Las Vegas in Los Angeles.  The software has since expanded into including a full billing system, and Richard is nice and warm now.

Check out Propcart Pro, software designed for prop houses.

3900 W. Alameda Ave, Suite 1200
Burbank, CA 91505
Phone: (323) 507-4716

Contact: Richard Scotten

SDSA Member since 2018

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Richard with Little Bohemia Rentals owners Chris and Rachel Coles. Lil'Bo was one of the original prop houses to list on Propcart and build a Propcart Pro website (

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Richard with Pinacoteca Picture Props owner Tija Zamparelli and Set Decorator Tamara Gurevich. Pinacoteca was one of the first prop houses to list on the marketplace and build a Propcart Pro website ( Richard and Tija also co-hosted the August 2019 SDSA GMM which had the theme "Sharknado Luau".

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Richard with his founding advisory board, Set Decorators Lisa Goldsmith and Melissa Levander with Lead person Michael Klingerman at the Warner Bros. Property prop house. Lisa, Melissa, and Michael helped shape much of the vision and design of the marketplace. Warner Bros. Property was one of the first prop houses to list on the propcart marketplace.

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