Robert L. Zilliox

February 3rd, 2004

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Bob Zilliox speaks at the SDSA 25th anniversary event.

Bob Zilliox founded the Set Decorators Society of America in the summer of 1993. He gathered many committed colleagues to the cause, all equally concerned about providing support for the set decorating profession. He served as President for three years and subsequently as a board member. He now holds the title of President Emeritus. Those who were involved with the SDSA in the early days clearly remember Zilliox’ intense vision for the future.

At the outset, Zilliox was quoted in the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, stating his goals for the SDSA: “As a society, we now will be able to recognize achievements within our field by sponsoring award ceremonies; we can hold seminars that will present learning opportunities and set standards for the decorating profession; and we will reach out to the other societies and guilds to create a network that will attempt to increase the job market.”

Kathe Klopp, a longtime member of the SDSA and Zilliox’s successor as Set Decorator representative to the IATSE Local 44 Board, said of him before her untimely death in 2003: “When I look back at what he went through, it’s incredible. Bob deserves huge credit for persistence. My hat’s off to him and always will be.”

Highlights of Bob Zilliox’s time as President of the SDSA include:

  • The “Preamble”, a goals statement for the SDSA, written in collaboration with the first Board of Directors. 
  • First annual brunch at the Peninsula Hotel in 1994. 
  • Administrative offices moved from borrowed space in Burbank to the Pacific Design Center
  • First-ever museum exhibit on Set Decoration at the Motion Picture Academy
  • Development of the first SDSA logo, graphic identity, and advertising campaign
  • Regular newsletter published, starting as a one-sheet, and growing into a revenue-generating publication of general interest
  • Growth of membership: from a core of 30 to 85 Set Decorator members and 27 Business Member sponsors at the end of the first year. SDSA now has over 400 members
Bob Zilliox, nominated multiple times for the Emmy Award, has a long list of professional credits, including: 
  • “The Second Civil War” (1997) Feature
  • “Quantum Leap” (1989) TV Series (4 Emmy nominations)
  • “Bret Maverick” (1981) TV Series (Emmy nomination)
  • “The Rockford Files” (1974) TV Series (Emmy nomination)

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"Quantum Leap"

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"Quantum Leap"