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Introducing a new high-quality, innovative material, Bodaq Architectural Interior Film, a source of pride as we extend its presence to clients across North America.
Explore the pinnacle of premium surface materials for your interior environments through the lens of Bodaq Interior Film. Our cutting-edge solution redefines surface design possibilities and seamlessly blends aesthetics with practicality. This groundbreaking product opens up material options for creative minds within different industries.

Catering to the visionaries in Motion Pictures and TV production – including production designers, art directors, set decorators, and painters – facilitates the swift, high-quality, and cost-effective realization of film set construction and concept formation.

It grants Exhibition, Theatre, and Performance Creators the freedom to craft entirely novel spaces and convey meaningful narratives.

Furthermore, for Interior Designers and Architects, this technological marvel offers an array of textures, empowering them to bring their projects to life with newfound creativity.

Embrace the future of design possibilities with Bodaq Architectural Interior Film on your creative journey.

Some details about the product.
- Our film provides an attractive and cost-effective solution for any interior surface finishing/refinishing - including walls and wall panels, floors, ceilings, columns, doors, tables, front desk, furniture, cabinetry, elevator doors and cabs, and much more.
- 450 different patterns with fantastic realism of the textures - wood, metal, marble and stone, leather, etc.
- Product comes in rolls - 4 feet W x 164 ft. L. But we can supply as much as necessary. We have a BIG stock in Vancouver / Canada (HQ) and Denver / US. New stock to be established in LA / US.

Please let us know if you want to see our catalog and real samples.

With warmest regards,
Valentin Zakharov
CEO / Business Development


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