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    The Space Between: The Modern in Korean Art

    LACMA Now thru - Sunday, February 19th

    Los Angeles, CA, USA Map ↗

    A groundbreaking show that is the first of its kind in the West, The Space Between: The Modern in Korean Art covers the years 1897 to 1965, loosely organized chronologically, stylistically, and conceptually. The second of three major Korean art exhibitions of Hyundai Motor’s Korean Art Scholarship initiative, The Space Between spans the arc of European-influenced art via Japan in the Korean Empire (1897–1910) and colonial period (1910–45), explores American influences absorbed throughout the Korean War (1950–53), and provides a glimpse into the beginning of the contemporary. Featuring approximately 130 works that reflect the influx of foreign-introduced new media, the exhibition includes oils, ink, photography, and sculpture.