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October 29th, 2020

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Dapper Cadaver specializes in the Sales, Rentals and Custom Manufacturing of death-related, scientific, horror and Halloween props and decor.
Our inventory includes items that are perfect for supernatural, crime, medical, mortuary, morgue, cemetery, laboratory, apothecary, Halloween and haunted house sets, and more.
Popular items include: fake bodies & body parts; human skulls, skeletons & bones; animal props & skeletons; dinosaur skulls & bones; coffins & caskets; tombstones; medical instruments, autopsy bodies & stunt dummies; specimen jars; curiosities; gothic decor; foam weapons and blood.

We recently moved to Madison, WI to expand our manufacturing facility. We are still here for you in our new location and we've opened up rental accounts to include Canadian productions too!
We maintain a dedicated and growing rental section, including hard to find items and a catalog of in-stock/ready to ship items. We continue to source pieces and are excited to be expanding period props in the near future. Many of our props are made to order at our on-site workshop which allows us to customize props to match actors and specific story elements.
Check out the Dapper Cadaver catalogs, click on Join to set up an account, and remember, we ship worldwide.
We’ve loved being a part of the entertainment industry for over 14 years, love the work that we do with set decorators, prop masters and the art dept, and look forward to continuing that from a central location.

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108 Stewart Street
Madison, WI 53713
Phone: 818-771-0818
Contact: BJ Winslow
Email: info@dappercadaver.com
Website: www.dappercadaver.com
Hours: Mon – Fri 9:00am – 5:00pm Central Time
SDSA Member since 2012

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