Kimberly Frances Pillows

March 19th, 2020

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Television, movies, and live theater have been a joy since 2004.  Landing our 1st big sale with Omega|Cinema Props and working with Set Decorators has challenged Kimberly Frances Pillows to be different. The admiration for Set Decorators runs deep. You invite us into a world of imagination where details, insight, creativity, and magical elements weave adventure. My pillows are a unique jewelry piece that plays differently for every vision. In a glance, they tell a little bit about the space, even before the viewer settles in for the ride.

By nature, Kimberly Frances Pillows are full-bodied and resilient and will work well on set The signature styles are a mixture of beautiful fabric combinations ranging from tonal statements to agreeably splashy. With perennial textiles, Kimberly Frances Pillows can accompany you on outdoor adventures, like the breakfast patio, poolside or terrace.

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