• Aizea, City of the Wind - Built in a field by the sound stages in Ventura,the old spanish church is the setting for a wedding where the bridegroom is taken by the wind.
  • Aizea, City of the Wind - Newspaper was stapled to the walls in clumps and then sprayed with layers of paint to achieve this highly textured fantasy surface for the walls of the Cantina.
  • Aizea, City of the Wind - Intricate paint and paper mache techniques were used to construct this turn of the century Mexican kitchen in the city of Aizea. Aizea is a town in the tradition of the magical realism villages of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
  • Aizea, City of the Wind - The house set is a built set on stages in Ventura. Layers and layers of paint were used to give the heavily textured look.
  • Millenium Man - This cabin is for a scientist and nature lover in the thriller Millenium Man. Here a unhappy government scientist takes solace from the cruel Washington world. The cabin is constructed inside of a modern house in San Diego. Wood panels/flats cover the sliding glass doors and glass windows that are part of the house's original architecture.
  • Millenium Man - For this hotel room in Sardinia I used earth tones and italian antiques. The set is a re-dressed room in the House of Hospitality in San Diego.
  • Strong Medicine - This 1st grade classroom is a re-dressed 8th grade classroom in Pasadena. Many of the art projects were obtained from Crossroads School in Santa Monica. I tried to have many hand made items and used bright and bold primary colors.
  • Strong Medicine - This set depicts an office in a local branch of the FBI during Christmas time.
  • Watching Ellie - Due to the illness of the set decorator I had the opportunity to decorate this closet set for Watching Ellie. The character was extremely organized and fashionable in contrast to her sloppy disorganized husband.
  • Patient 14 - This genetic research lab is a re-dressed location in the VA Hopsital in Northridge.
  • Patient 14 - The set is a re-dressed location at the VA hospital.
  • Hair Show - This down home Baltimore Beauty Shop was built on stage. The colors are dingy earth tones chosen to reinforce the age of the shop. I layered beauty supplies,posters and other items to create a busy informal urban shop that contrasts the high end salons that are seen later in the film.
  • Hair Show - Angelle's Hair Salon is an upscale Beverly Hills beauty shop. The flowing drapery and guilded mirrors enhance the angelic luxurious spa experience.
  • Hair Show - The robot set included celestial backdrop and metal egg shaped spaceship. The model sported a hair style that included a revolving light bulb.
  • Hair Show - The egyption landscape was designed as a backdrop for a tall braided hair style. The model enters the stage through 7' high sarcophagus which just fit the model with high heels and high hair.
  • Hair Show - A re-dressed exterior in Monrovia,"Headhunters" Salon is the slick,stylish competition for our main character's beauty shop.
  • Hair Show - The mermaid themed environment was one look for the fantasy hair competion in the climax of the film "Hair Show."
  • Hair Show - The interior of "Headhunters" salon was built on stage. Sharp angles and metallic surfaces were used to reinforce the villain's character.
  • Red Roses and Petrol - This Irish house built on a sound stage is Valencia is layered with family mementoes,books and old furniture.
  • Red Roses and Petrol - This kitchen is a set depicting the Doyle family house in Dublin,Ireland.
  • Angel in the Family - A decorated set at the Herald Examiner building.
  • Angel in the Family - The town of Fawnskin was decorated for a perfect small town Christmas inspired by the prints of Currier & Ives.
  • Angel in the Family - An ad exec has a hip christmas tree to adorn her already stylish living room.
  • Home Again - The girls room has changed very little over the years.
  • Home Again - To the suprise of her estranged daughter,mom has cleaned up the family house and turned into a bed and breakfast.
  • Home Again - A classy living room in peaches and pastels.
  • Home Again - The "high school auditorium" has been decorated for the class reunion in the school colors of purple and yellow.
  • Black/White Black/White - In this reality show for the F/X channel two families,one black and one white,live together in a house in Tarzana. I brought in all the furnishings and selected the wall colors. The design goal in the living room was to create a comfortable but neutral space where the families could come together for discussions.
  • Black/White Black/White - For Rose's bedroom,I chose a dusty rose as the character color for this teenage girl. In the design,I also introduced some soft purples.
  • Black/White Black/White - Rose's parents' bedroom is decorated in yellowish tans and greens. These colors are complementary on the color wheel to the pinks and purples used in Rose's bedroom.
  • The Contender 2
  • The Contender 2
  • The Contender 2
  • The Unsuccessful Thug
  • The Unsuccessful Thug
  • 10 Items or Less
  • 10 Items or Less - We redecorated this supermarket in Tarzana for a Renaissance Fair.
  • Veronica Mars - A large empty series of rooms at Del Mar Race Track were dressed as an upscale hotel.
  • Veronica Mars - Built on stage.
  • Veronica Mars - Soccer star,Class President and Newspaper Editor,Duncan Kane's room reflects his many talents and interests.
  • Veronica Mars - This dorm created on a sound stage is home to two female co-eds.
  • Veronica Mars - This dorm room is home to two irreverent techies who are creating cutting edge game software.
  • Veronica Mars - This cafe set built on stage had a highly detailed back counter.
  • Veronica Mars - The Echoll's family christmas is full of gifts and twinkle lights.
  • Veronica Mars - Movie star Aaron Echoll's has an office that celebrates his egotistical nature.
  • Veronica Mars - All the vending items and signage was brought in to convert La Jolla Shores into Dog Beach.
  • Veronica Mars - Vendors tables were set up on the side of the border to add a mexican flavor to the set.
  • Veronica Mars - This is a detail of the inside of a taco shop that originally was a strawberry shack in Del Mar,California.
  • Veronica Mars - Qualcom Studium in San Diego was converted into the United States Border. Everything was brought in by the Art Department from traffic lights to toll booths.
  • Veronica Mars - A strawberry vending shack and adjacent fields were converted into a taco shop and seating area for a scene in Episode 4 of Veronica Mars.
  • Veronica Mars - Veronica's dad,Keith,is a PI with eclectic tastes. Built on a sound stage in San Diego.
  • Veronica Mars - A large series of empty rooms at Del Mar Race Track were dressed as an upscale hotel. All furniture was brought in.
  • Veronica Mars - Veronica's dad Keith is a Private Eye. His bedroom reflects his eclectic tasts and foundness for reading.
  • I Hate My 30s
  • Acceptable TV
  • South of Nowhere
  • South of Nowhere
  • South of Nowhere
  • Hard Breakers
  • Hard Breakers
  • Hard Breakers
  • True Jackson, V.P.
  • True Jackson, V.P.
  • True Jackson, V.P.
  • Make It Or Break It - Set done on Stage
  • Make It Or Break It - Set created on Stage
  • Make It Or Break It
  • True Jackson Season Two - A hobo-themed restaurant on Stage 26 Paramount.
  • True Jackson Season Two
  • True Jackson Season Two
  • Love Bites
  • Love Bites

 Nya Patrinos

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Professional Organization / Union Affiliation
Local 44

Region: California
Drowning Mona1999  Feature - Jersey Films
Aizea, City of the Wind20004  Short
Millenium Man19992  MOW - Paramount/Larsen Ent
Commitments2000  MOW - BET
Teddy Bear's Picnic2000  Feature - Picnic Pictures
Whipped2000  Feature - Destination Films
Ali2001  Feature - Sony
Strong Medicine2001-2002  TV - Sony/Lifetime
Strong Medicine20022  TV - Sony/Lifetime
Watching Ellie20021  TV - NBC
Carol Christmas2003  MOW - LLP/Hallmark
Patient 1420032  Feature - 14 Productions
Hair Show20037  Feature - Ventura Entertainment
Red Roses and Petrol20032  Feature - Rock 'N Read Productions
What Should You Do2003  TV - Lifetime
Angel in the Family20043  MOW - LLP/Hallmark
Home Again20044  MOW - LLP/Hallmark
The Long Shot2004  MOW - LLP/Hallmark
Black/White Black/White20053  Reality Show - Actual Reality/FX
The Contender 220063  Reality TV - Mark Burnett Productions
The Unsuccessful Thug20062  TV Pilot - HBO
10 Items or Less20072  TV - Sony
Veronica Mars2004 - 200516  TV - UPN
I Hate My 30s20061  TV Series - VH1
Jacked2007  Film - KH Krews
Star Stories2007  TV Pilot - VH1
Acceptable TV20071  TV - VH1
In Treatment2007  TV - HBO
South of Nowhere20063  TV - Noggin
Deadliest Warrior2008  TV - Spike
Hard Breakers20083  Film
True Jackson, V.P.2008-20093  TV - Nickelodeon
Make It Or Break It20093  Television - ABC Family
True Jackson Season Two2009-20103  TV - Rocart
Love Bites20102  TV - NBC
Cowboy Up1998  Feature - Destination Films

NAACP Certificate of Achievement in Set Design1997Flyin' West
Dramalogue Award1997Flyin' West
San Diego Fellowship1993 - 1996 UCSD Graduate Fellowship