Congratulations to the 62nd emmy awards nominees!

SETDECOR offers a peek at the 10 Emmy-nominated shows decorated by SDSA members.

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Outstanding Art Direction For A Single-Camera Series
Sets in these episodic television series gave a physical reality to imaginative storylines or established a time period without being confined by it.

Set Decorator Barbara Munch SDSA
Production Designer Mark Hutman
Art Director Christopher Brown

High school comes alive with the sound of music in the hit series GLEE, where the experiences of the school’s glee club, the teachers and students, their families and the whole town of Lima, Ohio are portrayed each week. The sets bring a reality to the fictional community and give a grounded base to the boundless energy of this acclaimed show.

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Set Decorator Ron Franco SDSA
Production Designer Ruth Ammon
Art Director Sandy Getzler

Volume Five of HEROES introduced a carnival of evolved humans, which involved a twist, of course! The final season of this unique series continued its signature look, adding an artful hook to each scene, as we saw characters deal with their enhanced abilities and their limitations throughout juxtaposed realities.

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Set Decorator Carol Bayne Kelley SDSA
Production Designer Zack Grobler
Art Director Matthew Jacobs

The runaway hit LOST hurdled through facets of time, jumping from today, to yesterday & tomorrow, from Biblical temples to modern offices, from the origins of the slave ship The Black Rock and a village of its day to a modern submarine and a Russian hospital, to…wait for it…the original crashed plane, re-created in various aspects for this last season. The hit series held its audience throughout, the believable sets anchoring its wild ride.

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Set Decorator Amber Haley SDSA
Production Designer Richard Berg

The mockumentary MODERN FAMILY explores three families in one, each specifically defined in their sets. Their minor conflicts and resolutions are played out at events, in their individual spaces and around the neighborhood. Modern times are defined visually and with tongue in cheek in this new hit series.

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Set Decorator Laura Richarz SDSA
Production Designer Suzuki Ingerslev
Art Director Cat Smith

The sets for the small southern town of Bon Temps, Louisianacontinued to compel in Season 2 of TRUE BLOOD, including the depiction of a maenad’s takeover and degradation of the main character’s house. In contrast, the big-city Vampire Hotel was modern and sleek, as was the lair of an ancient teenage vampire…until it was blown up! The aftermath of the destruction seemed to echo the ages, befitting of this hit phantasmagoric episodic.

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Outstanding Art Direction For A Multi-Camera Series
The resurgence of comedies underscores the value of the current nominated multi-camera shows, which include two sitcoms and two comedic romances.

Set Decorator Ann Shea SDSA
Production Designer John Shaffner

Brilliant but socially inept physicists share an apartment and differing views in the comedy hit THE BIG BANG THEORY, including the universe of possibilities the comely neighbor brings into their lives. Vintage futuristic furnishings versus mid-west femme, amazing comic book store versus classic restaurants, Las Vegas versus cafeterias – there’s a dichotomy everywhere you look!

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Set Decorator Susan Eschelbach SDSA
Production Designer Stephan G. Olson

Passing the 100th episode, the love-story-in-reverse HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER still maintains a fresh, creative energy that is translated immediately through its richly layered, award-winning sets. The range and depth of the design and decoration for this romantic comedy belie the half-hour time slot.

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Set Decorator Amy Feldman SDSA
Production Designer Cabot McMullen

Saying goodbye with class, the final season of THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE still looked as great as the star character, with pop and sass and genuineness…and all on a small budget! We couldn’t help but root for Christine, and the sets helped make her all the more real.

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Set Decorator Jerie Kelter SDSA
Production Designer Bernard Vyzga

A newly minted couple, a long married pair and a single guy on the prowl explore the phases of relationships…and life…in the popular RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. Extensive sets take us into the many aspects of their worlds, from work to play to abodes – a half-hour comedy that has the detailed look of a much larger episodic.

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Outstanding Art Direction For A Miniseries or Movie
The vast span of this category includes a compelling biography centered in the 1960s.

Set Decorator Gabriella Villarreal SDSA
Production Designer Richard Hoover
Art Director Meghan Rogers

TEMPLE GRANDINis a visual thinker, an autistic woman who used this ability and her connection with animals to revolutionize a more humane treatment of livestock. The widely acclaimed biopic, set in the American West of the 1960s, gives us a visual representation of her world, her challenges and adjustments, and her incorporation of them into brilliant problem-solving.

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